February Sensory Bins

Ready or not, February’s here! This week we’re breaking out all things pink, red and purple in our sensory bins. In this short-and-sweet post, I’d like to share our sensory bins for the month! I’ll be putting together 2 bins for each week because we can’t fit all 8 in LG’s RV bedroom, but you could certainly make your preparations easier for the month by putting together all 8 ahead of time.

Week #1 – red tinsel filler w/matching mat #1 AND cotton balls filler/unicorn mini-erasers

Week #2 – black beans filler/matching mat #2 AND red & white shredded paper filler/heart mini-erasers

Week #3 – red & white shredded paper filler/matching mat #3 AND black beans filler/Valentine’s Day gems

Week #4 – cotton balls filler/red & purple task cards AND red tinsel filler/heart puffy stickers

**If you’d like to see the matching mats and task cards, you can find them here!**

Valentine’s Day Matching Mats

Task Cards