Homeschool Preschool Routine for 2 Year Old

It’s finally here! I absolutely adore being a stay-at-home mom, but there are times that I really miss teaching. Now, I’m SO excited to have the opportunity to combine my love of being a stay-at-home mom and teaching by homeschooling my daughter with this homeschool preschool routine!

LG will turn 3 at the end of December. Although she’s still only 2, I’m pretty sure her brain HAS to be that of an 8 year old. Ha! She is such a curious little girl and a lover of learning. How could I hold her back?! However, we will be taking this first year slowly and just dipping our toes in the world of homeschooling.

Monday & Friday

We love long weekends around here. But who can blame us?! Considering most kiddos LG’s age are only in preschool a few days a week, I decided to do the same. Except instead of spreading our school days out, we’ll be clumping them together in the middle of the week so that we can enjoy extra long weekends.

Monday is always our grocery shopping day for the week. We make a day of it by going to lunch or taking as many fun outings as we can while we’re already out. Fridays are usually short days for Matt. LG and I have our weekly breakfast and library date in the morning, then spend the rest of the day with Daddy.

Tuesday-Thursday Routine

We will be starting our school routine next Tuesday! YAY! Disclaimer – I’ve only planned about 1 hour of “school” each day. I mean, the kid is two. haha The majority of her day will still be spent playing, crafting, and making as many memories as possible! So don’t go thinking we have 3 huge days of school planned out. Ha! My plan (for now) is to stick to 4 main areas of practice.

Breakfast Box

The night before each school morning, I’ll set out a small box of some hands-on activities at the breakfast table. These range from mini sensory bins, puzzles, task boxes, etc. I’m hoping that this will help LG get into the school mood each morning!

Letter of the Week

I’m so excited to use an amazing Bible Letter of the Week curriculum. (Click here to use my affiliate link!) We’ll start off with each week’s letter activities, then move on to our coordinating Bible story. (Ex. Next week’s letter is A so we will do our fun A activities then read about Adam and Eve.)

Fine Motors Practice

This is already one of our favorite activities of each day, so I know this will be a perfect brain break for LG during our school time! We’ll either break out the sensory bins for some independent play time, or use this time for some guided fine motors practice.


I’m looking forward to getting creative with our Math time this year! LG isn’t working on formal Math practice yet. So, we can do anything from incorporating Math into our sensory bins time (counting manipulatives, sorting shapes and colors, etc.) to measuring while we bake together! The possibilities are endless when it comes to weaving Math into every day life!

I know this is kind of a vague idea of exactly what we’re doing each week, BUT! I’m excited to share that I’ll be posting monthly plans with more detail here, and I’ll be posting weekly updates on my Instagram count! I hope you’ll be following along!

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