Fall Colors Sort Sensory Bin

It may (still) not feel like Fall around here, BUT we’re breaking out all the Fall fun anyway! One of our new favorites is this Fall Colors Sort!


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How To Set Up

1. Choose your bin! For this bin, I chose to stick with our larger bins instead of making a mini bin. (Find one here!) There are so many little apple pieces that it would be pretty difficult to fit it all in a mini bin. Plus, we like to do lots of scooping after we match all the apples!

2. Fill it up! To fill up this large bin, I used 2 bags of brown beans that I bought at Dollar Tree. We go as cheap as possible on our fillers!

3. Prep your academic resource! To prep this matching activity, I print the entire set 2 per page. This is a good size for LG to practice with, but if your little one isn’t ready be sure to print full size pages! After I print, I run the pages through my laminator using these lamination sheets. Then I cut the apple pieces out and use Velcro dots to attach them to the matching mats. This makes it SO much easier to store all the pieces when we’re not using them!

4. Play! You’re all set! With your little one, take turns picking apples out of the sensory bin and matching them with the correct color tree! Practice looking at all parts of the apple and reading the color words each time you place match a new apple!


 I hope you and your kiddos have so much fun practicing red, green and yellow with this Fall sorting activity! To find more Fall sensory bin resources, click the image below!


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