Spring Sensory Bins

Well, I know it’s still March but we are so excited about Spring that we just had to switch out our sensory bins a little early! I know, I know… I say this all the time but THESE are definitely some of my absolute favorites and I can’t wait to share them with you!


Easter Egg Color Sort

If you haven’t already, RUN to Hobby Lobby! With their Spring goodies on sale for 40% off, your sensory bin prep is going to be so simple! For this bin, I filled a WalMart $1 pencil box with dry brown beans. To add a little Easter fun, I tossed in some bunny rabbit mini erasers I bought at Target last year.


Puffy Sticker Shape Sort

These puffy sticker shapes are another Hobby Lobby gem! They aren’t Spring so they were not on sale, but I used my 40% coupon to make this giant bag a steal! (P.S. If you don’t already, be sure to sign up to get weekly emails from Hobby Lobby! They send a 40% off coupon every week!)

For this bin I used the rest of our dry brown beans and some new Target mini erasers. I picked out some hearts, squares, triangles and circles stickers in various colors and buried them in the bin. Then, I just folded a sheet of paper in 4 parts and stuck down one of each shape sticker.


Letter & Number Formation

I’ve been trying to make sure all of our sensory bins have multiple uses to ensure they last us all month or longer. I love that mini erasers are so versatile because I didn’t have to change anything about the previous bin to make this activity. I just grabbed my letter and number formation cards from my Spring Preschool Skills Sensory Bins set, and it’s like we have a completely new bin!


Flower Garden

You probably remember this bin from my March Sensory Bins post! This month we changed it up a little and Y’ALL. After a I added a second bag of kinetic sand, my child played with this bin for more than an hour straight! She LOVES how the sand allows the flowers to stand up straight!

I bought these pots and the flowers from Dollar Tree, and have purchased the kinetic sand from Target and Amazon! (The little shovel is from a PlayDoh beach set.)


Carrot Shapes

For this bin we used our dry white beans! (Yes – I’m sure there’s a real name for them but this is what we’re sticking with for now. ha!) They look so great for Spring! This matching mat comes with a couple of options – matching carrots to carrots, or this matching mat where kiddos match carrot shapes to the outlines. You can find is as part of my Spring Preschool Skills Sensory Bins set as well!


Color Sorting

This is one of LG’s favorite sensory bins to work on by herself! I hide the little colorful pieces in her bin and she goes to work sorting them on the correct matching mat! This makes a great Breakfast Box (you can read more about them here!) because it’s a great independent activity! You can find is as part of my Spring Preschool Skills Sensory Bins set!



Spring Assortment Bin

This bin is just plain full of fun! I filled it with dry oatmeal, Spring “scatter”, plastic Easter eggs, puffy flower stickers, and my Spring Sensory Bin Puzzles & Matching Mats! Whew! That’s a lot, y’all! There are so many fun things to do in this one bin! So far we’ve filled up Easter eggs with oatmeal, used the puffy flower stickers to make pictures or sort colors, and put together our Spring puzzles!


Spring PlayDoh Tray

Now, I know this isn’t exactly a sensory BIN. But it’s certainly an exciting sensory experience! LG is always SO excited when I put together a new PlayDoh tray full of themed odds and ends! And this tray is a favorite of hers, for sure!


Flower Puffy Stickers

Never underestimate the power of puffy stickers, my friends. I tossed these stickers in our bin with the intent to sort them by color. But clearly LG had different plans. Ha! She LOVES making puffy sticker pictures for her family!


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