March 2019 Instagram Recap

Hey, my friends! This month I’d like to try something fun and new! Throughout the month, I get lots of great questions about my posts on Instagram! So to help keep things in one place, I’ve taken the top 12 most engaged Instagram posts from March 2019 and will link all the information for them right here! If you’d like to visit the original post, click on the images and they’ll take you right to them!

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1. LG’s RV Bedroom

You guys were SO kind on this post of LG’s bedroom in our RV! We have worked so hard to make sure that this space is fun and welcoming for our baby girl. And guess what – we have something new to show you really soon! EEK!



2. Rainbow Snack Time STEM Activity

We had SO much fun with this adorable activity! We got the idea from Emily @creativelyteachingfirst and it was a total hit. To make this rainbow, LG made 2 “clouds” with white PlayDoh. Then we added a pipe cleaner to one cloud, loaded it up with Fruit Loops, and connected the other end to the second “cloud”. Then, as you can imagine, it was time to eat it!



3. Uppercase Letters Sticker Matching

This sensory bin has one of our favorites lately! Putting it together is so simple! First I filled a pencil box with dry brown beans. Then I tossed in some puffy ABC stickers I bought at Hobby Lobby and our magnetic chips! LG practiced matching the uppercase letters, and then had fun searching for magnet chips with her wand!



4. Spring PlayDoh Tray

I am SO EXCITED that our Target finally had one of these party trays! I’ve seen this idea floating around for a while and have been dying to try it with LG! Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint! To put it together I grabbed a few colors of PlayDoh, pipe cleaners, a roller, shape “cookie” cutters and this fun Spring scatter from Hobby Lobby! LG has had so much fun building and blending, and open-ended nature of this tray will make it perfect for all April long!



5. St. Patrick’s Day Name Wreath

You guys absolutely blew away me and Michelle with your ideas for this wreath! If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can find it HERE for free! Or, check it out in our March PreK/Kinder Math and Literacy Unit!



6. Window Bird Feeder

Well we’re still waiting for some bird friends to find our window bird feeder, but it’s been so much fun nonetheless! LG checks it often and thought it was so neat to put it together! We’re ready for Spring weather to decide to stay so hopefully some more birdies come to visit!



7. LEGO Love

March has pretty much been the month of the LEGOs. haha! LG really discovered her love of them this month and we have added to our set over and over as she builds bigger and better creations! We settled on this set and have been adding smaller ones to it here and there!



8. March PreK/Kinder Math & Literacy Unit

Michelle and I just LOVE getting to see you and your kiddos work with our monthly units! My sweet friend Hillary shared this ABC matching activity that she did with her 4 year old! (You can find this as part of our March unit as well!)



9. Preschool Binder Pages

These preschool binder pages have been such a lifesaver for us! We use them as morning practice, when I’m trying to sneak in a little work around the house, you name it! This set includes upper and lowercase letters to build and trace, numbers, counting, shapes, and colors! I printed them all, tucked them into some sheet protectors and them popped them into a binder!


Toddler Busy Bag

10. Preschooler Busy Backpack

If you have a busy preschooler, this blog post is for you! I shared all of the goodies we keep in LG’s backpack for when we’re spending time out running errands, in the car for a while, or eating at a restaurant! You can read the post HERE!



11. ABC Order Train

I found these links last month and immediately knew we had to use them for all the things!! I added them to our March PreK/Kinder Math and Literacy Unit and used them to connect these ABC trains to practice ABC Order!



12. Momma Talk

Finally, I had to share some real life momma talk with you guys. I know that things can look all tidy and perfect on our IG feeds, but the truth is we’re all working our hardest to be the best mommas we can be! Hang in there, y’all! You’re doing a great job!

Thanks so much for sticking around for my first Instagram Recap! To stay up to date with our fun and activities, be sure to follow me @thestayathometeacher!