Morning Work Routine

Simple Mornings with Spiral Review Morning Work

I don’t know about you, but how I begin my day has a major impact on how the rest of my day goes. When I was still teaching 1st grade in the classroom, I left every afternoon with morning work already placed on my students’ desks. This allowed me to come in, drop my bags, and get straight to greeting my students.

However, I never had a consistent morning work resource that I loved so I was always rummaging through extra copies of practice pages before I went home in the afternoon. I really wished I had a regular morning work daily routine. This inspired me to create these year-long sets of spiral review morning work for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades!

Morning Work Daily Routine

No Prep For You!

While these morning work sets are NO PREP for you, I made sure to put lots of prep into them myself! It’s important to me that students begin each day in a consistent way, but not in a way that sets them up for defeat or frustration. To help students have confidence with their first assignment of the day, each month’s morning work reviews one math skill and one ELA skill that have been taught prior to the current month. Simply print one week at a time front-to-back, staple your 3 sheets together, and you have the perfect morning work daily routine for the entire week!

Morning Work Routine

Morning Work Daily Routine

Although these spiral review sets include tons of great practice, they don’t take tons of time! Students can typically complete one day of practice in about 10-15 minutes. This leaves plenty of time for your kiddos to complete their review and still get some hands-on practice with centers to start their day! This also gives you a great chance to sneak in some extra intervention if you see your students struggling with the review skills.

Morning Work Routine

Perfect In AND Out of the Classroom!

Whether you’re teaching in a traditional classroom setting or homeschooling your own children, these spiral review morning work sets are perfect for beginning your practice time! Choose from printing and stapling a week at a time or print the whole set to put in a morning work binder, and your learners are going to have a wonderful way to start their day!

(Please note that scope and sequence may vary among districts. This order of skills is common, but not certain. Be sure to check the product description of each resource to see which skills are covered.)


I hope this post helps you find a morning work routine that works best for you and your students! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or DM me on Instagram @thestayathometeacher! Hope to chat with you soon!

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