3 Year Old Daily Routine

Routine is a pretty big deal around here. While I want to say that’s mostly because LG needs it, the truth is that this momma needs it just as badly! When we go out of town or throw caution to the wind for a week, it seems as though LG and I just can’t quite get on the same page. Following the 3 year old daily routine below helps us both so much!

3 year old daily routine

Our Daily Routine

8am – If I’m being good, this is when I try to get LG up for the day. Now, I understand most parents only dream of their kids sleeping in this late. ha! But with our night owl habits, our girl will sleep until 8-8:30am quite often. If we have plans for the day, I try to get her up by 8am so she can grab breakfast and wake up with some cartoons! This is also a great time for me to get in my Bible study.

9:30am – Most of our activities throughout the week begin around 9:30-10am. On Sundays we have church, Wednesdays we have library story time, and then we try to get out around this time at least once or twice more for fun! If we’re not heading out for the day, this is when we get our school time in! I typically shoot for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday!

11am – If we are staying home for the day, this tends to be the time we try to get some time outside! As Texas residents, this is as late as we’ll get outside most of the year. It’s a good time to hit the pool, go for a bike ride, or just hang out on the patio! (I also like to get dinner figured out or started around this time. If we’re doing a crockpot meal, this is a great time to get it going!)

12pm – Lunch time! If there’s anything that stays consistent in our family, it’s lunch time. Ha! Keeping lunch at the same time every day helps set us up for our next important schedule item…

1:30pm – NAP. Yep. My 3 and a half year old still naps. We’ve had a few days of strike here and there, but we push on through it. LG’s nap time is when I get the majority of my own work done, so we’re pretty serious about it around here. Because some days vary in when she actually falls asleep, I make sure to wake her up by 4pm so we can get to bed at a decent time in the evening.

4pm – I don’t think it’s any secret that afternoons can be hard for everyone. Most of the time, errands are finished for the day and we’re trying to keep everyone busy until dinner time. So in the afternoon, we bust out the snacks and sensory bins or encourage some independent play! (If we’re feeling really fun, we’ll get out ourĀ messy bin to keep us entertained!) And I’ll be completely honest – this is also a good time some days to pop in a fun movie so momma can finish up any projects started during nap time!

6:30pm – Dinner time! This is another item on our schedule that I find needs to stay consistent. If we have dinner much later than this, you can forget a decent bedtime. Yikes! After dinner, we make another attempt to get outside (Texas, y’all. You’ve got like 2 chances to get outside without melting!) or watch a family movie!

8:30pm – This is when we try to get our bedtime routine started. It comes much easier certain times of the year, I have to admit. When my husband is on assignment and working long days, bedtime can be a good deal later than this. It’s hard to pull LG and her daddy apart once he finally gets finished with work and has time to hang out with her. But our goal is to get our kiddo in bed by 9pm and desperately pray she’s out by 9:30pm!

3 year old daily routine


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