Roll and Cover Math & Literacy Activities

Have you ever seen a manipulative and known right away you’ve GOT to make something fun for it?! That’s how I felt about these alphabet and number dice from the Target Dollar Spot! We have some sorry luck finding some of our favorites like mini erasers, but when I found these dice they quickly turned into one of our favorite preschool resources! Today I want to share with you all 6 different ways to use my Roll and Cover Math & Literacy Activities!

These activities were created specifically for the Target Dollar Spot dice and the bag they come in. Once you print and laminate the cards, they perfectly in the drawstring bag for easy storage! However, if you are unable to find the dice don’t worry! This resource includes printable dice that match each activity card!

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Roll and Cover Counting Activity

Roll and Cover

The original intent for this resource (as seen on the title of the cards) was for students to roll their dice and cover the correct answers. Of course, this is a super fun way to practice these preschool skills! But I’m SO excited that there are still 5 other ways to use this resource!

Roll and Cover Subitizing Activities

Roll and Smash

Another fun version of “roll and cover” is roll and SMASH! To practice this way, LG and I make small balls of PlayDoh. Then she rolls her dice, finds the correct answer, and smashes a ball of PlayDoh on top! She LOVES playing this way!

Roll and Cross Out Number Words Activity

Roll and Cross Out

Does anyone else have students or children who think that dry erase markers are just THE coolest things?! LG loves using them any chance she gets! For this activity, she rolls her dice, finds her correct answer, and crosses it out on the laminated card! This is another great way to be able to to use these cards over and over again!

Roll and Dab Lowercase Letters Activities

Roll and Dab

Many of you messaged me after I shared this resource on Instagram and were looking for ways to use these activities as turn-in assignments. So, I got to work coming up with several fun ideas! For these next activities, you’ll want to print out your pages on regular copy paper so students can turn in their work!

This first activity is “roll and dab”! Little ones LOVE using these dabbers! Simply have your students roll the dice, find their answers, and dab! Once it dries, it makes a great recording sheet to turn in!

Roll and Sticker Letter Sound Activities

Roll and Sticker

This is definitely one of my favorite variations of this resource! There is SUCH good fine motors practice here! To play, students roll their dice. Then they find their  answers and cover them with the correct sticker! (I also found these stickers in the Target Dollar Spot!) Your little ones will get so much good practice peeling and sticking their letters!

Roll and Color Beginng Sounds Activity

Roll and Color

The final variation of this activity is to roll and color the correct answers! LG loves coloring anything she can, so this is definitely a hit with her!

I hope you all have so much fun using this resource! It has quickly become one of our very favorites, and I hope it becomes one of yours, too!

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Roll and Cover - Math and Literacy Activities

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Roll and Trace Target Dice


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