September Preschool Plans for 3 Year Olds

Happy September, friends! After some polling, I’ve decided to start including our homeschool preschool plans on the blog each month! These plans have been SO much fun to write, and have been a huge help for LG and I!

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Fall PreK SBs1


I always like to start off with just a few reminders. LG will turn 4 in December (oh my heart, I can’t believe I just had to typed that out) so she is in the back half of 3 years old. I say this because I know how different a brand new 3 year old may handle some activities compared to an almost 4 year old. These plans are written for her, so they’re more appropriate for an older 3 year old.

Please feel free to adapt these plans however needed, and remember – every kiddo moves at their own pace! If your little one isn’t ready for these activities, do not stress! Just keep exposing bits and pieces of academics as they are ready!

Sunflower Life Cycle

This Month’s Plans

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September Preschool Plans


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