Bible Studies for Little Learners

I may be a mother of only one little bitty but if there’s anything I’ve learned as she gets older, it’s that kiddos have questions. All. The. Questions. Sometimes these questions are simple – “How do apples grow?” But other times, these questions are so much deeper and much more important.

One of LG’s questions recently made me realize it was time to take Bible study more seriously. “Momma, what is ‘my victory’?” (She asked this while listening to the song “My Victory” by Crowder.) There it was. The perfect opportunity to explicitly discuss the Gospel with my girl and I was NOT going to waste it.

To help include more intentional Scripture study in our days, I’m so excited to share my latest resources with you all!

Morning Bible Study

Bible Studies for Little Learners

With the help of my sweet husband, I’ve put together several bundles of Bible studies! Click below to see them in my TpT store!

Old Testament Bible Studies GROWING BUNDLE
New Testament Bible Studies GROWING BUNDLE
Bible Stories Matching Mats GROWING BUNDLE

BS - Creation6

Included in the Studies

To split up our studies, I’m focusing on 24 Old Testament stories and 17 New Testament studies. (You can see which stories are included when you view the preview of the bundles.) All of the studies will be listed individually AND in the bundles.

All of the studies will have the same 10 components. I’ve found with LG that consistency and routine make a huge difference in her level of focus! If we’re constantly introducing new formats and activities, she has a harder time focusing on the lesson. But if all of the components remain the same, we have a much easier time.

BS - Creation1

Lesson Guides, Reading Cards, and Journals

LG and I do school together 3 days each week. My goal for these stories is to spend 2 weeks (6 school days) studying an Old Testament story, then to spend 2 weeks (6 school days) studying a New Testament study. Each study includes 6 days of reading passages, daily journals/discussion prompts, and hands-on activity ideas/printables!

We begin each study by reading the Bible story from our Jesus Storybook Bible. We LOVE this Bible! You can find it using my Amazon affiliate link by CLICKING HERE!

BS - Creation2

Memory Verse Poster and Tracing Sheet

Something we’d like to work on more as a family is memorizing Scripture. In each study you’ll find a memory verse poster and a tracing sheet for that memory verse. To help the tracing street last longer, I’ve laminated ours so we can practice tracing it every day!

BS - Creation4

Sensory Bin Matching Mats

Some resources we’ve always loved are our sensory bin matching mat sets! Of course I couldn’t leave them out of our Bible studies! These bins are a great hands-on way to practice fine motor skills while discussing the different parts of the Bible story. Simple place the cards in your favorite sensory bin filler and chat about each piece your kiddo finds in the bin!

These matching mats are found in BOTH the Bible Study Bundles AND the Matching Mat Bundle. This is so that those of you with little bitty ones can still use them without having to purchase the full studies.

BS - Creation5

Crafts/STEAM Trays

As another way to add some hands-on fun, each study will include a craft or a STEAM activity. The PlayDoh tray shown above is from our Creation Bible Study and is a great way to discuss different things God created while building them!

BS - Creation3

Vocabulary and Sequencing Activities

Each day of the study, kiddos will practice sequencing the events of the story. This helps them to better understand the context and message within the message.  They will do this using event linking cards, a cut-and-paste practice sheet, and and cut-and-paste booklet retelling the story.

Little ones will also practice their handwriting while they discuss the vocabulary words with you!

I hope that you and your little ones have so much fun studying Scripture with these studies! I’m so honored to help other families learn more about Jesus and spent time together in His word!

You can purchase any of these resources by clicking the images below!



Garden of Eden

Noah’s Ark

Tower of Babel

Abraham and Sarah

Jacob and Esau


Birth of Moses

10 Plagues

10 Commandments

The Battle of Jericho


Ruth and Naomi

David and King Saul

David and Goliath


Wandering Wisemen Christmas

Jesus in the Temple

Jesus Gets Baptized

Fishers of Men

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Heals a Blind Man

The Good Shepherd




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