Learning Games for Preschoolers

Holy moly, friends. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a blog post! One of the best ways to sneak in lots of practice with your preschoolers is by picking your family games with intention! In this post, I’ve shared 10 of our favorite preschool learning games and the skills we practice with them!

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Candy Land

1. Candy Land

Is there a sweeter way to practice colors than with a round of Candy Land?! LG loves playing this game! We practice color identification and matching, as well as counting how many spots to move!

Chutes and Ladders

2. Chutes and Ladders

Practice directions (up and down) and counting with this fun, twisty game!


3. Connect4

Connect4 has been a favorite of LG’s since before she was 2! Back then, she just loved putting the little pieces in the game and making them fall out when she was finished. Then, she moved on to sorting the yellow and red pieces. And now that she’s almost 4, she’s getting quite good at blocking my 4th piece! Ha! I love games like this one that can grow with your kiddos!

Giggle Wiggle

4. Giggle Wiggle

Y’all. Giggle Wiggle is WAY too fun!! We got it for LG’s 3rd birthday and it was an immediate hit! It’s perfect for practicing color sorting and fine motor skills. And don’t be surprised if your little one starts practicing their dance moves with the catchy music!

Go Fishin

5. Let’s Go Fishin’

We bought this cutie for LG’s 3rd birthday. At the time, she had too much trouble catching her fish with the poles so she just used her hands. It was still a great way for her to practice color identification and fine motor skills. Now that she’s almost 4, she has tons of fun practicing with the fishing poles!

Hi Ho Cherry-O

6. Hi Ho Cherry-O

Is this game a classic, or what?! This is such a fun way to practice counting, and definitely gives some fabulous fine motors practice!


7. Lite-Brite

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t technically a “game”. But it’s just as fun as one! Lite-Brite can be used to practice SO many skills! From building shapes, numbers, and letters, to sorting colors and amounts, you can do ANYTHING with this one!


8. Operation

Can you think of a funnier way to practice fine motor skills?! The tweezers included in Operation are perfect for pinching practice!


9. Perfection

Do you remember playing this one as a kiddo?! This is a crazy fun way to practice fine motor skills, strategy, and shapes!


10. Trouble

Trouble is a recent purchase of ours and we are LOVING it! LG has done such a great job of counting and practicing her number recognition!

I hope this gives you lots of fun ways to sneak some preschool practice into your day! What games would YOU add to this list?


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