Bug Themed Lesson Plans for 2-4 Year Olds

If your little ones are all sorts of interested in bugs right now, these FREE plans are for you! I put together together for LG in order to run with her newfound interest in bugs! Although LG is 4 years old, these plans and activities are easily accommodated for even your littlest learners – as early as 2 year olds!

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I always like to start off with just a few reminders. LG turned 4 in December, so these plans are written with her in mind. Please feel free to adapt these plans however needed, and remember – every kiddo moves at their own pace! If your little one isn’t ready for these activities, do not stress! Just keep exposing bits and pieces of academics as they are ready! My favorite thing about these resources is that they will last you YEARS! If your kiddo isn’t ready to practice with an activity this year, save it for next year!


How to Use These Plans

When you open your lesson plans, you’ll find 4 pages like the one below. There are 4 categories of activities with 3 activities in each. We use these pages in several different ways.

The first option is to read the plans across the rows. This will give you 3 days of plans with no planning on your part!

The second way to use these plans is to treat them like choice boards and guide your children in choosing one activity from each column every day.

Finally, the third way to use these plans is to browse through all 4 pages to see which activities work best for your little ones! Then, plan them out using a Homeschool Preschool planner like ours! CLICK HERE to learn more about our planner!

5May 3YO Plans PIC

This Month’s Plans

Regardless of how you choose to use these plans, I hope you enjoy your time practicing with your little ones! To download your FREE bug-themed homeschool preschool plans, click the button below! Be sure to click the images in the plans to learn more or purchase the resources!



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