Beach Themed Books and Activities for Preschoolers

Are y’all ready for some beach themed fun?! I know we are! As much as we’d like to be ON the beach right now, we’re going to make the most of our Summer themes – starting with BEACH!

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One of my favorite ways to get started with a new theme is by picking a few videos on YouTube to help introduce the unit. This is so helpful if you’re studying something you don’t have nearby because it gives your little ones a virtual field trip!

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We are loving our new Beach unit for toddlers and preschoolers! These units include 10+ hands-on, printable activities in color and black/white. Your little ones will love practicing common Preschool skills like counting, colors, shapes, and more! Each center in the unit can be adapted for little ones ages 2-4 and include tons of fine motor skills practice!

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Of course we have to include a new sensory bin for the base of our unit! I LOVE putting our sensory bin fillers in a large container. This gives LG plenty of room to play without making much of a mess, but also gives me a place to store all of our beach themed activities! Having all of our activities in one container makes school time so much easier!

To put together this sensory bin, I started with a base of brown kinetic sand. This filler is PERFECT for a beach theme because it feels just like wet sand! To add even more beach fun, I included some sea shells and beach themed PlayDoh stamps! This bin keeps LG entertained for EVER!


Before your order or purchase any new books for this unit, take a quick look through the books you already own and I bet you’ll find lots of good ones! I pulled anything that included the beach, swimming and ocean animals! But if you’re looking for some new ones, you can find some of our favorites below! *These links are Amazon affiliate resources. I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to purchase using my links!*

Ocean Animals Collection – Laura Marsh

Sea Otters – Laura Marsh

Sea Turtles – Gail Gibbons

Sea Turtles – Laura Marsh

Marine Habitats: Life in Saltwater – Salvatore Tocci

Giants of the Sea – Ken Martin

Curious George: Curious About Summer – Cynthia Platt

At the Beach – Shira Evans

Biscuit’s First Beach Day – Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Commotion in the Ocean – Giles Andreae


The sea turtle life cycle is a great Science addition to your pond theme! It’s also a great way to modify the beach plans for your older kiddos. LG loves learning about different life cycles with these studies!

The sea turtle life cycle includes tons of hands-on activities like sensory bins, STEM activities, sequencing cards and more! It also includes book recommendations, videos, real-life photos and practice pages!

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These sensory companions give your preschool kiddos tons of opportunities to practice academic skills in a fun, hands-on way! Little ones will practice building numbers and letters, number and alphabetical order, CVC words, rhyming, and more!

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If you want to introduce sensory activities to your little bitties, this set is perfect! This beach themed set includes 3 matching mats and 3 puzzles, making it a simple introduction to academic sensory bins. Your littles will love practicing their fine motor skills, problem solving, and visual discrimination using this set!

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Can you tell we love sensory bins around here?! I just can’t ever pass up a great opportunity to put together some fun sensory bin activities to match our different themes! And as LG gets older, our collection of academic sensory bins grows!

These sensory bin matching mats are a fun addition to your beach theme whether you choose to use a sensory bin or NOT. Simply provide your kiddos with the cut out pieces and help them make their matches on the matching mats! This beach themed set practices shapes, colors, counting, beginning sounds, and letter identification!

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Our seasonal word puzzles are something we’ve recently introduced into our school time. While originally designed for Kinder/1st grade students, we love using a simplified version of this activity.

When working with my 4.5 year old, we focus mostly on putting together the puzzles. Then we discuss the pictures/words and where you might see them. This has been a great way for us to begin studying seasonal or thematic vocabulary! And as LG grows, the set will grow with her! When she is ready, we’ll practice reading the words and tracing them on the recording sheets.

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If you’re practicing handwriting with your kiddos, don’t forget to grab these beach themed tracing cards! These give us another chance to discuss seasonal vocabulary, and LG loves the colorful pictures!

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Practicing fine motor skills with our little learners is SO important, and clip cards are a great way to do that! LG loves using her PreK clip cards and often flies through them as a fun independent activity! These cards include counting, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, beginning sounds, and upper/lowercase!

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Finally, one of our favorite activities each month are our themed worksheets. Using worksheets with preschoolers may sound a little odd, but LG LOVES these practice pages! All of the pages include coloring, cutting, gluing, tracing, and more! That way your kiddos are combining fine motor skills practice with academic skills! With 40+ practice pages, this NO PREP set is a lifesaver!

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Beach Plans

Are you ready to get busy with this theme? Don’t forget to grab your FREE beach themed plans! These plans include Sensory, Math, Literacy, and Fine Motor activities for 9 days. You can spread them out across a whole month or use them like we are for 2 M-F weeks!

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I hope you guys have lots of fun with these beach themed activities!


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