Gingerbread Math and Literacy Activities for 2-4 Year Olds

Hey y’all! We are getting into the Christmas spirit and thought it would be fun to begin with our new theme – gingerbread!

If you’re spending your days with little ones ages 2-4, these gingerbread-themed Math and Literacy Activities are a perfect way to keep their little hands and brains moving! You can grab this set individually, OR in a huge BONUS bundle of Math and Literacy activities! Check them out below!

Gingerbread Math and Literacy Activities for Toddlers and Preschool

Math and Literacy Activities for Toddlers and Preschool BONUS Bundle

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Gumdrop Counting Cards

Grab your favorite gumdrops (or pompoms if you’re avoiding the sugar) and practice counting with these gumdrop counting cards! Kiddos practice one-to-one correspondence by counting and covering each candy. If your little ones are ready, follow the arrows on the numbers to practice writing them. If not, use your gumdrops or pompoms to build the numbers instead!

Gumdrop Counting

Grab some gumdrop stickers from Hobby Lobby, or use the provided printables, and get counting! Choose gingerbread number cards,  then show the correct amount on the 10 Frame mat! 

Gingerbread Shapes

The gingerbread shape cards are a great way to differentiate for multiple skill levels! Your littlest learners will love tracing the shapes using manipulatives, PlayDoh or dry erase markers. And your older students (or older siblings) can practice their handwriting and spelling by tracing the shape names!

Gingerbread Shapes Roll & Cover

We LOVE learning with games! And Roll and Cover games are some of our favorites! Take turns with your child (or students) rolling the gingerbread shape dice and covering the matching shapes until they’re all covered!

Gingerbread Man Color Sort

These gingerbread man cards are a perfect addition to your sensory bins! I didn’t change a thing about our Christmas-themed bin – I simply helped LG find and sort the colored objects that she dug out!

Gingerbread Alphabet Cards

This activity is perfect for littles who are getting started with their alphabet! While your kiddos use the manipulatives to build the letters, talk about the letter names, upper and lowercase versions, and sounds! And if they’re ready, try using a dry erase marker to practice tracing the letters!

Gingerbread Alphabet Find & Cover

The best way to sneak in learning time is with games! This alphabet Find and Cover activity is a perfect way to combine letter/sound recognition with a fun game! Simply choose a card, cover the matching letter, and continue until all the letters have been covered!

Gingerbread Sensory Bin Matching Mat

Sensory bin matching mats are a great way to introduce your littlest learners to academic goals! Littles pick sensory bin pieces from their bin and practice matching them to their matching mat!

Want to take matching mats to a higher academic level? CLICK HERE to check out our Christmas-themed Preschool Skills Matching Mats!

Gingerbread PlayDoh Cards

Fine motor skills are so important to practice with our little ones! They don’t naturally have the same finger strength and coordination that we have as adults. So using materials like PlayDoh is a great way to strengthen their little muscles! These gingerbread-themed cards are such a fun activity!

Gingerbread Pre-Writing Strips

These pre-writing strips are SO stinking handy. Fill them with little manipulatives like mini erasers, mold PlayDoh to fit, or use a dry erase marker to trace! *I’ve found that LG is most successful during her tracing practice when she uses “bubble” lines like these instead of just tracing “dashes”!

Gingerbread PlayDoh Mat

Do y’all love PlayDoh as much as we do?! There are just SO many things you can do with it! One of our favorites – PlayDoh mats! While coloring is super fun, PlayDoh mats allow you to create on the mat over and over again! You just can’t beat that!

Gingerbread Cutting Strips

Give your cutting practice a seasonal flare with these gingerbread-themed cutting strips! Need some extra tracing practice instead? Print an extra copy, laminate them for durability, and practice tracing the lines with a dry erase marker!

Whether you’re practicing with 2-4 year olds or adding some extra fine motors practice to your routine like I am with my 4 year old, this set of gingerbread-themed Math and Literacy activities is sure to please! I hope y’all have so much fun!


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