Fall Themed Preschool Sensory Bins

I don’t know about you, but I just love adding seasonal activities to our preschool routine! Not only does it help us get into the spirit of that season, it keeps our practice fresh because it adds some extra variety and excitement to skills practice that might otherwise become monotonous! One of our favorite ways to sneak in seasonal activities is with these Fall-themed Preschool Sensory Bins! It includes so much fun!

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Pumpkin Shapes Matching Sensory Bin

This matching activity is by far one of our favorites! LG can easily complete this task all by herself, which gives her so much confidence and also gives me some time to get the rest of our school activities ready for the day! We use many of these bins as “breakfast boxes” or warm ups at the beginning of our school time. She loves these!

You can read more about our Breakfast Boxes by clicking HERE!

Fall PreK Sensory Bin

CVC Sounds Blending Sensory Bin

While this is definitely a sensory bin LG and I complete together, it’s still a lot of fun! This CVC sounds blending bin is a great way to make blending sounds a more hands-on activity. To practice this bin with LG (who is 3.5 years old), I say the sounds of the letters on the apple. We talk through blending the sounds to build the word. Then, she looks through the bin to find the matching CVC word picture!

Fall PreK SBs1

Fall Numbers and Beginning Sounds Building

This is another sensory bin we use as a breakfast bin! To use these task cards, LG chooses manipulatives from her sensory bin to cover each dot. After she covers each dot, she’s built a capital letter or number! There are several cute ways to use these cards. I’ve even seen clever Instagram followers use dry erase markers to connect the dots! How fun is that?!

You can try my Fall-themed Beginning Sounds Building cards for FREE by clicking HERE!

Apple Color Sort SB1

Apple Colors Sort Sensory Bin

Can you tell we love sensory bins that LG can do by herself?! Ha! They make for sure a simple but confident start to our school time together. This bin is a great one even for little bitties! The goal is to sort the apple pieces onto the correct colored tree. This definitely gives you some extra time to get school set up or even enjoy a hot cup of coffee!

Fall PreK SBs

Other Skills Included

As LG grows, we’ll be adding in more of our Fall-themed Preschool Sensory Bins! There are SO many skills to choose from! You can find activities to practice upper/lowercase letter matching, beginning sounds, rhyming, counting, number order, and alphabetical order! I LOVE a set of bins that grows with your students!

Apple Counting Cards

FREE Counting Cards

This FREE set of counting cards isn’t included in my Fall-themed Preschool Sensory Bins, BUT it is a super fun and FREE option to add to your sensory bins! The cards are simple black and white with no clipart, making them perfect to use with any manipulative you’d like!

You can find this FREEBIE and other FREE Fall resources by clicking HERE!

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