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Helpful School Supplies for Little Homeschool Learners

Does anyone else just LOVE shopping for brand new school supplies?! There’s just something about them that makes me all giddy and excited for the new school year! But often times, it CAN get a little bit overwhelming when trying to choose from all the school supplies beautifully displayed in the Back-to-School section of the store. So I’ve put together this post with helpful school supplies for little homeschool learners!

Below you’ll find links to our favorite school supplies in some of our favorite categories. I hope this simplifies your Back-to-School shopping so you can focus on spending the last few bits of Summer with your families!

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I may earn a small commission at not extra cost to you if you choose to make purchases through these links. Thank you so much for supporting The Stay-at-Home Teacher!*

homeschool school supplies
School Supplies

Crayons and pencils and glue – oh, my!! Back-to-school time is the perfect time to stock back up on these useful supplies! There are always amazing deals at just about any store that offers office and school materials. I’ve included Amazon links below for your convenience. But if you have some time to browse, be sure to check out some of our favorite spots like Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, and your local grocery store for sales!

pre-sharpened pencils // safety scissors // twistable crayons // mini markers // full markers // glue sticks // Expo ultra fine dry erase markers // classic Expo dry erase markers // handwriting paper

supplies for crafts
Craft Supplies

You can’t have school supplies without craft supplies! We LOVE to include craft time during all parts of our day – with school time, on rainy days, during quiet time, you name it! Again, many of these materials can be found during Back-to-School sales. But I’ve included Amazon links below for your convenience!

Do-a-Dot markers // watercolor paints // construction paper // Crayola mini paints // Crayola paints // WonderStix // KwikStix // glitter pens // paint brushes // ColorWonder markers // ColorWonder paper

homeschool school supplies for math
Math Supplies

One of my favorite things about Math manipulatives is that just about ANYTHING can become a Math manipulative. We love using pompoms, mini erasers from Target, and anything else little bitty and fun for our Math time. But sometimes, you just can’t beat some handy Math manipulatives from the education store – or Amazon, for that matter. Check out some of our favorites using the links below!

bear counters // dominoes // 10 Frames // links // foam Base10 blocks // foam Base10 chart // wooden 100 chart // geometry building set // number dice // traditional dice // pattern blocks // geoboards // clock // pretend money // linking cubes // number stamps // 3D shapes set // shape magnets

homeschool school supplies for literacy
Literacy Supplies

Literacy practice doesn’t have to just be pencil and paper! There are also SO many fun, hands-on ways to practice letters and spelling! We love practicing in all sorts of ways, like building, tracing, and creating!

wooden stamps // PlayDoh stamps // alphabet cookie cutters // wooden handwriting boards // magnetic handwriting boards // wooden spelling cards // alphabet magnets // alphabet beads // lacing letters // letter formation book // alphabet stickers // Phonics dominoes // alphabet dice // Water Wow alphabet

supplies for fine motor skills
Fine Motor Supplies

If you’ve spent any amount of the time following The Stay-at-Home Teacher, you know I complete a school supplies list without including some of our favorite fine motor supplies! These supplies might seem odd in a list of “helpful school supplies”, but fine motor skills practice is SO important for our little learners, and there are so many fun ways to practice!

Many of our favorite seasonal sensory supplies are purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby. But below you’ll find our favorite “evergreen” supplies that we use ALL year long for YEARS!

pom poms // water beads // sensory scoopers // PlusPlus blocks // PlayDoh // play dough cutters // Perler beads // Perler beads patterns // Perler beads pegboards // ORB Sticky Mosaics // kinetic sand // dot stickers

Let’s Hang Out!

Well friends, I hope this list of helpful school supplies for your homeschoolers makes planning for your new homeschool year much less stressful! I’d love to chat and get to know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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