All You Need to Prepare Homeschool Resources

So you’ve figured out what skills you want to cover this year. You’ve even grabbed the materials you want to use. Next up? It’s time to get preppin’! YAY! While this part of the homeschool process can be a bit overwhelming, it’s truly one of my favorite parts! So today I want to share all you need to prepare homeschool resources and educational materials!

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prepare homeschool resources

All the Printing Things

Easily the most-asked question I get in regards to prepping materials is what printer I use! Would you believe me if I told you that I print all of our resources AND hundreds of pages for work each month using that tiny little printer in the picture?? But IT’S TRUE! This printer is one of the absolute BEST purchases I’ve ever made for business and homeschooling! It works quickly and is conveniently wireless, so I can print from anywhere in the house and even from my phone!

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Next up in my printer supplies is printer paper! I used to grab a pack here and there at the store, but honestly got tired of having none left when it was time to print. So, I ordered a big ‘ole case of it from Amazon and I’m pretty sure it will last me about 3 years. Ha!

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Finally, it’s time to consider your printer ink. Now for YEARS I dragged my feet and avoided signing up for the HP Instant Ink program. I honestly thought I printed way too much for it to be helpful. But holy moly – y’all. I was SO wrong. Switching to HP Instant Ink literally saved me over $100 month in ink! (However, remember – a great deal of my printing is done for work, so it was a must-do!)

After I switched to HP Instant Ink, I can’t imagine ever turning back! It is truly the most amazing service for homeschoolers and small business owners! If you’d like to try it FOR FREE for a month, you can sign up using the link below! *DISCLAIMER – If you sign up, you and I will BOTH receive a free month.*

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prepare homeschool resources

All the Laminating Things

Once you’ve gotten your resources printed, the next thing you’ll want to consider is how you’re going to use them and if they need any additional prep. For worksheets, this is simple. I print and store them until it’s time to get to work. But for anything else – centers, sensory bins, tracing resources, etc. – I go through the extra step of laminating them.

Laminating your resources is a wonderful way to ensure that you have them for a long period of time. It also allows you to use the resources in a variety of ways! For example – the laminated cards in the image above can be use with dry erase markers, PlayDoh, water, beads, etc. over and over again! It’s especially important to me that I extend the life span of my resources as long as possible. This cuts down on additional cost and printing in the future!

In terms of laminating resources, I like to keep things simple. I don’t go through the extra step of cutting the papers BEFORE I laminate and cut them again. Since our resources don’t get heavy classroom use, I’ve seen no need to go the extra mile in this area. I simply print, pop the papers in the lamination pouches, run them through the laminator, and cut them out!

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