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Preschool Resources for Toddlers and Little Learners

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share with y’all this collection of homeschool preschool resources for toddlers! Once LG hit about 2.5 years old, I decided to ease into a super relaxed homeschool preschool routine. In this post you’ll find lots of the resources we enjoyed! There are so many fun, hands-on activities that are developmentally appropriate for introducing your little ones to school time – PLUS some free samples!

Sensory Bin Puzzles & Matching Mats

One of the very first “school” skills I introduced LG to was matching. Adding this skill to our favorite sensory bins was a super simple way to take our free play sensory bins up just a notch, and introduced her “academic” sensory bins. For this activity, I placed the sensory bin pieces in the bin. As she pulled pieces out, I assisted her in finding the correct matches on the matching mats. This is a great way to practice fine motor skills with a twist!

Nursery Rhymes Fine Motor Skills Activities

Nursery rhymes are just a given when you’re working with Preschoolers! The classic rhymes are perfect for introducing little ones rhyme, rhythm, and literature! But of course we had to take them just a little bit further by adding some fine motor skills activities!

If your little ones enjoy our Sensory Bin Puzzles & Matching Mats, they’ll absolutely love these sets! With each nursery rhyme you’ll find a puzzle, a matching mat, themed PlayDoh building cards, tracing cards, and scissor skill strips!

Bible Story Sensory Bin Matching Mats

Have you sensed a theme here yet??? We LOVE using our sensory bins in as many ways as possible! It’s so important to constantly work on fine motor skills with littles, so we’re always looking for new ways to keep the practice new and exciting!

If you’re also working on introducing Bible study with your little ones (it’s never too early OR too late!) be sure to check out our Bible Story themed matching mats!

Preschool Skills Sensory Bins

Is your little one ready to start working on more academic skills? This bundle is exactly what you need! While practicing important fine motor skills, your Preschoolers will be introduced to academic skills like colors, numbers, shapes, counting, letters, beginning sounds, and so much more! We have loved this resource for years because it can easily grow with your Preschooler from ages 2 through 5 years old!

Preschool Skills Binder

If you love being able to “do school” anywhere or anytime, this resource is for you! This binder is one of our absolute favorite (AND best-selling) Preschool resources!

This NO PREP resource includes TONS of common Preschool skills in one, easy-to-store format. Simply print the pages and toss them in a binder using sheet protectors, and you’re ready to go! Practice colors, numbers, shapes, counting, tracing, letters, and so much more! We love using this binder as a sensory bin companion, or with a dry erase marker when we’re on the go!

Full Preschool Curriculum

Would you like to have Homeschool Preschool planned for you?! In our Full Preschool Curriculum, I’ve created visual plans for all of our 30+ sets of themed centers! Simply print the plans and you have 5 days of Math, Literacy, and Fine Motor Skills activities already planned for you! Then, choose from any of the 72 sensory bins and 450 NO PREP worksheets to continue practicing!

This Preschool Curriculum is a homeschool staple of ours from ages 2-5 years old, and I pray that it blesses your family’s learning time together!

Well, friends – I hope this post has been super helpful for you! All of these homeschool Preschool resources for toddlers have been tested and loved by my now 8 year old daughter for years, and I truly hope your little ones enjoy them just as much! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or DM me on Instagram! Hope to chat with you soon!

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