January Homeschool Preschool Plans for 3 Year Olds

Every January when I was in the classroom, I took some time to reflect on how our routines went during the first semester. I made changes according to my kiddos’ behavior or academic levels, and came up with a new game plan for the Spring semester. Well, surprise! I’ve done the same thing with LG’s homeschool preschool! But don’t worry – I’ll continue to share my thoughts with you!

My sweet baby girl turned 3 yesterday. It’s okay. I’m okay. (I think.) But after a busy December and celebrating her birthday, I’ve been thinking about our goals for homeschooling. LG and I absolutely do better each day when we have a routine. However, the nature of our family’s traveling means we can’t be too rigid with schedules. So we have a new plan for 2019!

Gone are the scheduled 3 days each week to do school. Gone are the scheduled activities for each day. At least, for now. One of the blessings with homeschooling is the ability to be flexible and follow your child as they grow. Right now, LG doesn’t need me to pick out several activities each day and stick to ONLY those activities. She’s a sweet, busy little girl who doesn’t love being told exactly what to do for school when she sees another fun school activity that she’d rather do. She still loves and BEGS to do school, but from now on she’ll be taking more of the lead.

All of our resources are printed, laminated, cut and ready to go in our school basket for the month of January! For this month, we’re going to try pulling the school basket out when we have the time to practice. LG will have the chance to pick the activities SHE wants to do. As long as she’s learning and having fun, I think that’s all that matters right now during this PREschool season of our lives.

Interested in what resources we’ll be using?? Click the images below to see the January and Winter-themed activities we’ll add to our resource rotation! (For more information on other amazing Homeschool Preschool resources, click HERE!)

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