How Our RV Life Began

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the most common question I’m asked is why on EARTH we chose to sell our house and move into an RV full time. But here’s the funny thing. That wasn’t our plan. (Surprise!!)

How It All Started

Once upon a time, Matt and I were both elementary teachers. We lived comfortably in our beautiful 1,800 square foot home in a town we absolutely adored. Then we had a beautiful little baby girl and our lives changed. And not just in the normal no sleep, all the snuggles, bursting heart kind of way.

I left the classroom a week before LG was born. She was due just after Christmas so I worked the first semester and helped train an incredible replacement for the following semester. Immediately our income was cut in half and we were attempting to survive on one teacher salary. Amazingly, this lasted about a year and a half. However, we lived in an area experiencing a housing BOOM and it became impossible for us to continue paying our mortgage unless I went back to work. This wasn’t an option for us. But a career switch for Matt was!

Your Husband Does What?

For years, Matt had been intrigued by his father’s career. He is a catastrophe insurance adjuster and travels the US inspecting homes after hail storms, hurricanes, and similar storms. While I was still in the classroom, I never wanted to give up my second home and we weren’t willing to spend months apart while Matt traveled for work. However, once I became a stay-at-home mom this career sounded like a possibility.

Matt left the classroom in June of 2017. To help us make ends meet between his teaching career ending and adjusting career beginning, we sold our home and moved in with family. During this time, Matt completed all of his training and we purchased our RV! Within a few weeks of getting our new little home, Hurricane Harvey hit and we were sent to Houston to work!

Why We Became Full Time RVers

When we first bought the RV, we had every intention of coming home after Harvey and purchasing a new home. This was going to be our chance to buy a home back in our hometown, something I had always looked forward to. However, after spending several months in our small space we saw how simple life could be and how much money we could save. Keeping minimal financial obligations has allowed us to work towards a debt free dream, helping us pay off things like student loans and vehicles.

The next most common question I’m asked is if we plan on being full time RVers forever. At this point, my answer is always absolutely not. haha We love the season we’re in, but definitely look forward to settling down in a forever home where we can raise our babies and make memories with family. We know that as long as Matt is in this career, we will always at least be part-time RVers and we’re so excited about that!

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