Dry Erase Dice Companion Worksheets

Oh man, y’all. Do you ever see something in the store and immediately get a million ideas of how you’re going to use it?! That’s exactly what happened when I spotted these dry erase dice in the Target “Dollar” Spot! If you haven’t already grabbed some, RUN! The package includes 8 dice with a dry erase marker, so it has everything you need for some fun!

If you’ve followed me for long, you know my love of all things sensory bins. But lately LG has been really interested in playing games together, so I thought we could turn this into a fun game for school!

What’s Included?

This FREE resource includes 7 pages. (mixed 10 shapes, 2 pages w/3 shapes, numbers 1-6, numbers 7-12, lowercase letters, uppercase letters) In addition to these pages, I used a plastic dry erase pocket (the one in the photo was also purchased at Target). I also used mini erasers, the Target dry erase dice and dry erase marker included in the dice package.

How Is This Used?

 First, choose the worksheet that best fits the skill you’d like to practice with your little one. Then, use the dry erase marker  to draw the skills on the dice. For example – for the Dice Shapes page in the picture above, I chose 2 dice. I wrote numbers 1-6 on one of them and hearts, triangles and rectangles on the other.

To play with this page, have your little one roll both dice and color/trace/cover the correct number of shapes! For worksheets like the uppercase letters page, I used 5 dice to write all the letters and rotated between the dice. The best part about these dice is that you can quickly erase and start a new game!

Ready To Play?

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