Fall Toddler and Preschool Letter Cards

Fall Themed Toddler and Preschool Activities with Lesson Plans

Apples, pumpkins, and leaf piles – oh my! Fall is here and FULL of fun learning inspiration! During this season, we love to incorporate as much nature as we can into our themes. We make sensory bins out of fallen leaves, find lots of ways to use apples in the kitchen, and fill our home and homeschool space with rich Fall colors. So of course we love to include these themes in our homeschool time with resources like our Fall themed toddler and Preschool activities! Keep reading to learn all about the 15 activities included!

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This set of Fall themed Toddler and Preschool activities is sure to give your little learners TONS of fun practice! Children will have 15 center-style activities to choose from – 5 Math, 5 Literacy and 5 Fine Motor centers. In addition, I’ve included book recommendations for 5 Fall picture books and links to their read aloud videos on YouTube!

To use these printables, you can follow the PRE-MADE lesson plans for a week full of fun! Each of the 5 pre-planned days your students will have 1 read aloud, 1 Math activity, 1 Literacy activity, and 1 Fine Motor activity to work on. This is a great pace for little learners! But if you’d like to spread the activities out or rearrange them according your own child’s needs, simply print our provided Build-Your-Own Plans page and make your own plans!

Fall Math Activities

This set of printables has 5 fun Fall activities for practicing early Math skills! Children will practice number formation, number identification, counting, colors, and shapes. Many of our set includes the use of small manipulatives for added fine motor skills practice!

Fall number cards

Leaf Numbers

There are so many ways to use this one set of cards! To begin, have children count the leaves on the trees and cover them one-by-one with a manipulative of their choice. This is a great way to practice one-to-one correspondence! Then, children can use those same manipulatives to build the number on the card. Or trace the number with a dry erase marker if they’re ready.

Want to extend this activity? Guide students as they put the cards in number order from 0-10, or even backwards from 10-0! And if you’re also working with older students and siblings, they can use these cards to practice comparing numbers and addition by adding up the leaves on more than one card!

Fall 10 Frame

Leaf Pile 10 Frame

A 10 Frame is a great way to practice counting and building amounts! Since each square is only filled with one manipulative, this it a perfect picture of one-to-one correspondence. It also sets learners up for understanding odd/even numbers and addition in later years!

To complete this activity, children choose a tree card. They’ll count the leaves on their tree and build that amount on the 10 Frame with their manipulatives.

Fall number find and cover

Numbers Find and Cover

We LOVE a good find and cover activity! They’re so great for adding a fun twist to a simple identification activity. To use this center, children choose a number card and identify the number. Then, they find the matching number on their matching mat and cover it with a manipulative.

Fall owl color sort

Color Sorting Cards

Many of Toddler/Preschool sets include themed sorting cards. They are such a fun way to practice identifying colors using supplies in your own home! Spread the cards out on a table or floor and have children sort manipulatives from their Fall sensory bin. Or, allow them find items around their room or in the kitchen to sort by color!

Fall shapes matching

Leaf Shapes Matching

Got links?? This is the perfect activity to use with them! Each shape has 3 different colored leaves. The goal is to match all 3 up and connect them with links! But if you prefer games, your children may love turning this into a game of Memory to find and match the shapes!

Fall Literacy Activities

In addition to the Math centers, this set includes 5 early Literacy activities! Children will practice skills like letter identification, letter formation, beginning sounds, and handwriting practice with Fall vocabulary words!

Leaf letter cards

Leaf Letters

These happy little leaf cards are so helpful for a variety of activities! We start by identifying the letters, kind of like flash cards. (If your little ones are ready, you can also discuss the beginning sounds of each letter as you identify them.)

Then, we use a variety of manipulatives to build letters on the leaves and trace them with dry erase markers. One of our favorite bonus activities is to put the letters in ABC order!

Fall alphabet board game

Alphabet Roll and Play

Who doesn’t love a board game?! Using board games like this Roll and Play game turns letter identification into such a fun activity! Simply roll the provided foldable dice, identify the letter it lands on , and move to the matching letter on the game board. This game practices letters A -F.

Fall upper and lowercase letters

Fall Letters Matching

Puzzles are another fun way to turn learning into a game. To practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters, children complete the Fall-themed pictures and reveal the matches! This is another fun activity to use as a Memory game. Or we also enjoy putting the uppercase letter cards on a pocket chart and adding the lowercase letter matches.

Beginning sounds center

Beginning Sounds

Sensory bins are probably our favorite way to practice academic skills. To use this activity, children choose a picture card from the sensory bin. Students view the picture, identify the missing beginning sound, and find it on the sunflower mat. Then, cover the matching letter with a manipulative from the bin.

Fall vocabulary words

Leaf Shapes Matching

As I was using these activities with my own little learner, I wanted to add an age-appropriate way to explore some new vocabulary words. To combine vocabulary practice with literacy, I created these Fall-themed vocabulary tracing cards with beginning sounds review! They’re also a great way to children to sharpen their handwriting!

Fall Fine Motor Activities

Don’t forget the fine motor fun!! When working with little learners, strengthening fine motor skills is a must! These 5 activities will have your children working hard and having TONS of fun!

Fall play dough cards

Fall Play Dough Pictures

Littles love play dough! So why not include it during school time?! Children love using these cards to build different Fall items, including gardening tools and Fall plants!

Fall matching cards

Fall Picture Clip Cards

These handy little clip cards are a fun way to combine fine motor skills practice with visual discrimination and matching! Children identify the Fall-themed image in the center of the card. Then, find and clip all of the matching images around the edge of the card!

Pre-Writing Tracing Strips

If your little ones needs some extra pre-writing practice, these strips are for them! The wide “lines” on the strips give lots of wiggly room as children trace them with a dry erase marker. It’s also great fine motor practice to build the “lines” with play dough and small manipulatives from the Fall-themed sensory bin.

Scissors Practice

Scissor skills are a super important skill to strengthen as your little ones grow! These Fall-themed strips have all different Fall images for students to cut towards. If they’re not quite ready for scissors yet, you can even laminate the strips and turn them into a tracing activity with a dry erase marker!

Sunflower Play Mat

Play mats are fun for a variety of fine motor practice activities! Use play dough to build sunflowers in the field, or choose manipulatives from the Fall-themed sensory bin to build a scene!

And… I Planned FOR YOU!

This set of activities (and all of the other 40+ sets in our FULL Toddler/Preschool Curriculum) include a full week of print and go visual lesson plans! Want to build your own? Use the included BYO plans page! These thematic centers were designed with growing learners in mind, so this page allows you to choose which activities your child is ready for right now!

Ready to learn with your toddlers or Preschoolers ALL YEAR LONG?! You won’t want to miss our FULL Toddler/Preschool Curriculum full of over 500 activities!! This HUGE bundle has over 40+ themes of centers, plus hundreds of NO PREP worksheets and sensory bin activities!


I’d love to chat and get to know you better! You can find us below in some of our favorite places to hang out. Can’t wait to chat with you about your Preschooler’s learning journey!


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