Homeschool Resources for 2nd Grade

Homeschool Resources for 2nd Grade

It’s that time of year again! We’ve gathered our homeschool resources for 2nd grade, and I’m excited to share them with you! We have used versions of most of these resources for other grade levels and I think we’ve finally found a good groove to continue with each year. LG has thrived with these workbooks and printables, so I’m thrilled to have a simpler curriculum search this year!

basket time storage basket

Basket Time Resources

Our Basket Time was a recent addition to our daily homeschool routine during LG’s 1st grade year. Without trying to sound too dramatic, it has been an absolute GAME-CHANGER for our learning time! In fact I’m so excited about it, I dedicated an entire blog post just to our Basket Time. You can read all about how we use it, what resources we include during that time, and even grab some FREE printables to help you keep track of your time together! Click the button below for more information!

Bible Study Resources

Over the last year, Bible study time has started to look a little bit different for LG. We used our hands-on Bible studies for several years (toddler year, Preschool and Kindergarten) but during her 1st grade year I realized it was time to simply and dive deeper. So, I pulled the Bible study journals out of the bigger studies and we spent more time with them in the mornings.

These Bible journals have been such a great way for us combine SO many skills! Of course, we’re using them to develop more Bible literacy. But they’re also wonderful for practicing reading comprehension, critical thinking, and even sentence structure and writing practice. Some days, we get so “into” our journal prompt that I count that as our Writing practice for the day!

Spiral Review Packets

Our spiral review time has been such a joy to our homeschool! These packets mostly include resources we’ve covered in previous months, so it’s a great chance for your kiddos to practice with confidence. I’ve also used them to help guide our homeschool lessons. For example, if LG is struggling with a skill we introduced a month ago I know it’s time for us to pause the rest of our lessons in that subject and dig deeper into that skill. In addition, it helps me see what she’s already mastered so we can move ahead move quickly if needed.

These packets are NO PREP and so simple to include in your daily warm-up time! Each month (except August and June) include 4 weeks of review. Each week includes practice pages for Monday-Friday, and each day only reviews one Math/one ELA skill! That way your kiddos can review without feeling overwhelmed!

Math Workbook & Math Seeds

The Skill Sharpeners workbooks that I’ll be sharing in the rest of this post have been a major staple in our homeschool routine for the last couple of years. I haven’t been able to commit to any particular “box curriculum” because I love to mix and match various resources. But I always find myself going back to these workbooks. The practice pages are full of color and sweet little illustrations, so LG is super engaged! And she always says how much she feels like a big kid practicing in her workbook.

In addition, I’ve been SO impressed with an online program called Reading Eggs. I fully embraced using technology during our school time once my youngest was born, and it’s truly been a huge blessing for us! Reading Eggs has a FULL homeschool curriculum laid right out for you for all of Math and English Language Arts & Reading. Their Math program, Math Seeds, has been a huge help for us and LG just absolutely loves it! You can try it using their 3-DAY FREE TRIAL!

Phonics Workbook & Reading Eggspress

This Spectrum Phonics workbook is SO streamlined and easy to combine with other Phonics practice activities. We love using most of our Phonics time practicing with hands-on centers and picture books, so adding this workbook into the mix is really easy and practical.

We’re also using the Reading Eggspress program from Reading Eggs to practice reading and Phonics. It’s been amazing to see LG’s reading fluency explode with these programs over the last few months!

Grammar & Writing

As mentioned earlier, we spend a good amount of our Bible study time practicing writing with our Bible study journals. But we also use a couple of really great workbooks to get into the specifics of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

We do not try to squeeze in both of the workbooks every week. Instead, we alternate every other week. One week we’ll use the Spell & Write workbook and review the include spelling rules and words. Then the next week, we’ll get deeper into grammar and punctuation rules with the Grammar & Punctuation workbook. Both are colorful, engaging, and include short stories that LG loves reading! (PS That’s some additional Phonics and reading comprehension practice right there!)

basket time science picture books

Science & Social Studies

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, our Science and Social Studies times are included in our Basket Time. However, for the sake of having all of our homeschool resources for 2nd grade available in one spot I wanted to make sure and list the links in this post for them! If you click on the buttons below, you’ll be taken right to each resource!

While we do love using picture books to help us study new Science and Social Studies topics, having these handy workbooks as guides has been so helpful! They’re full of vocabulary study, short passages that are great for extra reading practice, and even ideas for hands-on experiments and activities!

basket time history textbook

I am SO excited to include our first ever textbook this year! While it may sound odd to get excited about a textbook, this isn’t your ordinary text. It has all the information of a textbook but includes so many lovely illustrations and engaging photos. It also includes devotional-like discussion topics for your and your kiddos, and offers ideas for hands-on extensions of the lessons!

Let’s Hang Out!

I hope this information about our 2nd grade homeschool resource choices is helpful for you and your family! I’d love to hear how your homeschool year is going and get to know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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