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Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m excited about today’s post because so many of you have asked how on earth I keep my little one busy while I work! In my last post, I shared that my go-to work rule is to work while LG is sleeping. But sometimes, a deadline is quickly approaching and I have to get in some work while she’s awake. That’s where some of our favorite activities come into play!

Sensory Bins

If you haven’t already noticed, LG and I are basically obsessed with our sensory bins. And now that she’s talking like a 10 year old (whyyyyyy?!), there’s nothing cuter than her asking for her “sensy bins”!

While these bins are so fun for us to do together, she also loves to sit and play with them by herself. Sometimes she’ll work away for a good 30+ minutes! This gives me some time to get in a quick blog post, work on a product or take some product photos.

Water Play

Playing with water is BY FAR this water baby’s favorite activity. She loves playing in the bathroom sink “washing” her dishes or playing with her water animals. She’s generally really good about not making a mess but just to be safe, I put a towel on the floor under her stool. Then I let her go for it!

Unlike other activities, I almost always have to stop her mid-play to move on to something else because she could probably play in the sink all day long. Ha! This definitely gives me some time to get work done!

Work Like Momma

Sometimes baby girl just needs to be by her Momma, and that’s okay! That’s why we are work-at-HOME mommas, right?? When I’m really in a time crunch, I give LG an activity that’s similar to what I’m working on. If I’m working on planning out my projects and using my planner stickers, I give her some washi tape and stickers so she can “plan” with me! If I need to be on my computer, she plays with her LeapFrog laptop or on our iPad for a little bit. She loves to “work like Momma”!

Good ‘ole Cartoons

When all else fails, y’all, I am not above putting on a good cartoon. Ha! LG  LOVES to watch Curious George, Daniel Tiger, VeggieTales and anything with Elmo! Sometimes you’ve just got to relax and break out the cartoons.

I hope these tips help you out while working at home with your little ones! Do you have any go-to activities that you feel comfortable giving your little one to do alone? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

BLOG - WAHM Tips Toddler Activities

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