Why We Started Homeschool Preschool with our 2 Year Old

As with anything else in parenthood (or let’s be real, life in general) there are plenty of opinions about the right time to start school. An age considered “too early” to start by some parents and educators is also considered “too late” by others. My intent for this post is not to share my opinion on what age is right or wrong. This post is simply to explain why starting homeschool preschool when LG was 2.5 years old was the right move for our family and more importantly, for her.

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Fave Fine Motos Activities

She Was Ready

The first thing I considered when making this decision was whether or not LG was ready. I considered how long she was able to give her attention, what she was interested in, and what activities were developmentally appropriate for her.

LG is naturally a curious little gal. She asks a million questions and truly listens to the answers. She wants to be involved in everything Matt and I do, and seeks out opportunities to learn. So I came to the conclusion – if she wants to learn, why would I hold her back?

Now just because she was ready for homeschool preschool, it doesn’t mean we went into a full-blown 5 days a week, many hours each day school routine. (If you want to see the routine we started with, you can read HERE!) Currently, LG’s school routine is extremely relaxed and self-led. We practice (mostly) the activities she chooses, and we practice when she is interested and engaged. All of the activities we work on involve play, fine motor skills, coloring, etc. and she loves every bit!

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We Need Routine

Being on the road for my husband’s job can often feel a bit lonely and isolated. LG and I try to get out about as much as we can, but there’s only so much you can do without breaking the bank. Having a school routine and lots of school activities to choose from keeps us both busy in a way that’s fun and educational.


It’s Cost Efficient

If you’ve done any homeschooling with your kiddos, you know that expenses can add up quickly. Purchasing new resources every single year is going to be brutal, so finding resources that we can use for multiple years is a huge help financially! Since preschool skills are generally considered appropriate for 3-year-olds up to kindergarten kiddos, I know that we will be able to use many of our resources for years to come!

Over all, my thinking is this – I would rather start early and spend the next 3 years learning the basics at our own relaxed pace instead of stressing everyone out by trying to cram such important skills into a short period of time. LG loves her school time and, combined with tons and tons of playing, has been soaring!

What about your little ones? I’d love to hear how you handle starting school with your kiddos!


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