Homeschool Preschool Resources for 3-4 Year Olds

As Summer is coming to an end, we’re gearing up for another year of homeschool preschool. While we continued to work on some “school” work during the Summer, we mostly took it easy and are now super excited to get back into a consistent preschool school routine! Today I’d love to share the homeschool preschool resources we’ll be using!

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**You can read about our homeschool preschool routine for 3-4 year olds by clicking HERE!**

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Shapes Matching Sensory Bin

Breakfast Boxes

Starting the day with a breakfast box has been a great way for us to transition from our morning cartoons into our school time. I lay out a breakfast box while LG finishes her breakfast and cartoons. Once she’s had her cartoon time, she moves to her breakfast box for the day while I get things cleaned up. I try to make sure these boxes are activities she can complete on her own or with a little assistance. This sets her up perfectly jumping into school for the day!

*You can read more about our breakfast boxes by clicking HERE!*

Some of our favorite resources to use for our breakfast boxes are our Preschool Sensory Bins and Seasonal Preschool Sensory Bins! You can learn more about each of these resources by clicking the images below!

Preschool Skills Sensory Bins                   Preschool Skills Seasonal Sensory Bins

Morning Bible Study

Bible Study

One of the most important things motherhood has taught me is that if I wait for the perfect quiet time to spend with Jesus, it will never happen. Studying in front of or with LG isn’t always the most efficient study time. But it’s so so important for her to see me working hard to learn from Him.

While LG works on her breakfast bin, I tidy up the kitchen from breakfast and then get started with my own study at the table with her. Then, we take out her Jesus Storybook Bible and get to studying together! She loves reading her Bible, and often asks to carry it with her in the truck to read. Nothing makes me happier!

letter building center


Up to this point, (LG is 3.5 years old) we have spent most of our literacy practice building and identifying letters and letter names. This year we will begin to spend a little more time connecting letters and their sounds with familiar people and things. (She knows  associations like “m” is for “Matthew”, her daddy.)

The majority of our literacy resources come from a collection of PreK/Kinder Math and Literacy Units that I’ve created with my friend Michelle from Smitten with First! We have worked so hard to create engaging, hands-on activities each month for little learners!

You can find them by clicking HERE!

subitizing math center


Most of our Math activities will come from our PreK/Kinder Math and Literacy units as well! There are so many hands-on ways to practice number recognition, counting, information addition and subtraction, shapes, colors, and so much more!

You can find them by clicking HERE!

ABC Sensory Activities

Fine Motor Skills

One of the most important preschool skills is fine motor practice. And boy, we sure love practicing! We use everything we can from PlayDoh to kinetic sand, and every little manipulative we can find in between! Practicing fine motor skills is important for developing our little learners’ fingers in preparation for pencil work later on! And the hands-on activities are perfect for helping them stay engaged and exploring!

We love practicing fine motor skills using a variety of materials, especially sensory bins. You can read all about our favorite sensory bins by clicking HERE!


Preschool Workbooks

You may have noticed that our monthly homeschool preschool plans don’t really include one of my best-selling preschool resources. That’s because I don’t schedule it into our plans. Our preschool workbooks are so fun for combining fine motors and preschool skills with entry-level worksheets. I put together a variety of coloring, tracing, and cut-and-paste activities for your little ones to practice with each one.

Instead of planning these worksheets, we stick to our hands-on activities in our lesson plans then pull out the workbook when LG is feeling up to it. She often LOVES doing the coloring pages and getting the chance to practice her cutting and gluing! But this isn’t something we’ll make a more fixed part of our routine until her 4-5 year old year.

You can learn more about these monthly preschool workbooks by clicking HERE!


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