Preschool Resources for 3-5 Year Olds

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share with y’all this collection of homeschool preschool resources for 3-5 year olds! In this post you’ll find lots of the resources we enjoy using as part of our school routine! There are so many fun, hands-on activities that are developmentally appropriate for introducing common Preschool schools with your littles ones!

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If you love being able to “do school” anywhere or anytime, this resource is for you! This binder is one of our absolute favorite (AND best-selling) Preschool resources!

This NO PREP resource includes TONS of common Preschool skills in one, easy-to-store format. Simply print the pages and toss them in a binder using sheet protectors, and you’re ready to go! Practice colors, numbers, shapes, counting, tracing, letters, and so much more! We love using this binder as a sensory bin companion, or with a dry erase marker when we’re on the go!

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Is your little one ready to start working on more academic skills? This bundle is exactly what you need! While practicing important fine motor skills, your Preschoolers will be introduced to academic skills like colors, numbers, shapes, counting, letters, beginning sounds, and so much more! We have loved this resource for years because it can easily grow with your Preschooler from ages 2 to 4+!

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Math & Literacy Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Looking for a resource that includes ALL you need for an entire YEAR (or MORE)?! Look no further than this YEAR LONG bundle of Math and Literacy centers for ages 2-4!

The great thing about introducing Preschool skills at an early age is that you literally have YEARS to practice. This allows you to follow your child and work at their pace. It also allows you to use a curriculum for multiple years, helping ease the burden on your budget!

This 12-month bundle includes TONS of common toddler and Preschool skills with a new theme each month. You can continue to practice important skills month after month without losing your little one’s interest!

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If your kiddos have mastered their basic Preschool schools and are moving towards Kindergarten skills, be sure to check out this Preschool & Kindergarten Math and Literacy bundle! My sweet friend Michelle Hudgeons from Smitten with First and I put together this year-long bundle loaded with TONS of hands-on activities for your little ones! LG and I will be using pieces from these sets this year, and then moving to using it more exclusively during her Kindergarten year!

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Having NO PREP activities on hand with little ones is a must! These monthly themed Preschool Math and Literacy Worksheets cover tons of basic Preschool schools and still include fine motor skills activities like coloring, cutting, tracing, gluing, and more!

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This year, LG and I will be working more on letter recognition and writing! So I’m SUPER excited about this (currently) growing bundle of alphabet worksheets! Each letter of the alphabet includes 20+ different ways to practice! Choose from cutting, coloring, tracing, dabbing – you name it!

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We love sensory bins so much, y’all. And as LG grows, our collection of them grows as well. Ha! I was SO excited to put together these sensory bins for kiddos who are ready to practice Preschool skills! This bundle includes 5 themed matching mats for each month of the year and practices common Preschool skills – colors, counting, shapes, letters, and beginning sounds!

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Another fun way to practice fine motor skills with your Preschoolers? Clip cards! Holy moly – there’s something about clothespins that just make a little kiddo so excited! And if your little ones aren’t quite ready for squeezing a clothespin, you can use mini erasers or pompoms to cover their answers instead! Don’t you just love a resource that’s easy to adapt??

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I don’t know about your little ones, but mine is SO curious about how things grow and change! These life cycle studies have been the perfect first Science study for her! She loves all of the hands-on activities, videos and book choices! And of course my seasonally theme lovin’ heart loves that there are units for every season or holiday!

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Last, but certainly not least, is our Bible studies. Bible study time is such a special time with our little ones and it’s never too early (or too late) to get started! I’m constantly amazed at how much LG soaks up information that most people assume is so far above their comprehension. Starting Bible study with little ones is a wonderful way to foster that sweet “childlike faith”.

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Would you like to have a FULL YEAR of basics covered for your Homeschool Preschool plans? Be sure to grab our Preschool Math & Literacy MEGA BUNDLE and save over $100! This bundle covers TONS of common Preschool skills and can follow your little ones from ages 2yo-5yo and beyond!

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Well, friends – I hope this post has been super helpful for you! All of these resources have been tested and loved by my now 4.5 year daughter for years, and I truly hope your little ones enjoy them just as much! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or DM me on Instagram! Hope to chat with your soon!


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