How to Organize Your Homeschool Preschool Basket

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in a few years of homeschool Preschool is that organization is KEY to a stress-free school experience. If I have to run around the house trying to find our various activities for the day, so much time is lost and chaos breaks out! So having all of our resources in one easy spot (like our homeschool basket) has been an absolute game-changer! In this post, I’d love to share with you how I put together my daughter’s 4-5 year old homeschool Preschool basket. I truly hope that this information will help as you navigate organizing your own homeschool resources and school year!

Choose Your Organizer

The first thing you need to consider is what type of organizer you’ll be needing. With LG being my only child to homeschool right now, using the basket shown above has been the simplest thing for me to use. It is able to hold all of her activities for 2 FULL WEEKS, and I can easily move it around the house if we choose to do our school work in another room or outside!

We found the basket that we use at Walmart for a great price! But I’ve also seen TONS of similar baskets at stores like Home Goods and TJMaxx! (As if we needed more reasons to browse those stores, right?? HA!)

Gather Your Resources

The next step in setting up your homeschool Preschool basket is to gather any resources you’ll need for school time. We use one theme for two weeks so using this basket allows me to keep all of our paper resources, binder and workbooks in one spot for that entire time. The resources we store in our homeschool basket include… (Click any of the links to learn more about those resources.)

Homeschool Preschool Binder

Bible Studies

Life Cycle Studies

Science Workbook (Amazon affiliate link)

Social Studies Workbook (Amazon affiliate link)

Themed Math and Literacy Unit

Math and Literacy Matching Mats

Themed Math and Literacy Clip Cards

Math and Literacy Worksheets

Alphabet Packets

If you’re looking for other resources to add to your homeschool Preschoolers’ basket, be sure to check out the blog posts below!

CLICK HERE to read about our favorite resources for 2-3 year olds!

CLICK HERE to read about our favorite resources for 3-5 year olds!

Prep Your Plans

The final step of preparing your homeschool Preschool basket is get your lesson plans all put together! If you enjoy monthly/seasonal themed activities as much as we do, then I’ve done most of this planning for you already! Simply head to my favorite blog post that includes 12 months of FREE plans for you!

The plans included in that post are perfect for your 2-3 year olds! If you have an older Preschooler like I do, you may consider adding more of the resources that I shared above. If that’s the case, this time the time for you to get those activities planned in your planner!

CLICK HERE for FREE Preschool lesson plans!

CLICK HERE to learn about our Homeschool Preschool Lesson Planner!

Would you like to have a FULL YEAR of basics covered for your Homeschool Preschool plans? Be sure to grab our Preschool Math & Literacy MEGA BUNDLE and save over $50! This bundle covers TONS of common Preschool skills and can follow your little ones from ages 2yo-5yo and beyond!

CLICK HERE to check out our Preschool MEGA BUNDLE!

I hope this post helps give you an idea of how to organize your homeschool resources! If you’d like to see VIDEOS of me getting our homeschool Preschool basket set up for a 2 week themed unit, CLICK HERE to visit my Instagram account and watch my story highlight titled “2 Week Plan”! I show this process in great detail, and I hope it’s super helpful for you!


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