Kindergarten Math and Literacy Resources for Our Homeschool Year

I CANNOT believe that we are here prepping for homeschool Kindergarten. I’ve shared our homeschool Preschool journey for so long now, I kind of hoped it would never end! But y’all – I’m SO EXCITED about our plans for Kindergarten with LG this year! Below I’ve rounded up the Kindergarten Math and Literacy resources we’ll be using, along with our resources for Science, Geography and subjects! You can click any of the buttons throughout the post for links to each resource. I hope they’re so helpful for you all!

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Kindergarten Spiral Review Morning Work

I love spiral review activities! During my time as a classroom teacher, I found so much value in adding as much spiral review as possible into our routine. It allows us to continually keep even the most basic skills sharp, and helps close the gaps when kiddos just need a little extra time working on a skill.

These Math and ELA morning work pages are perfect for reviewing Math and ELA skills! Each day your kiddos will review 1 Math and 1 ELA skill that has previously been taught. Not only does this give them extra practice on those skills – it also helps them begin their day with confidence by reviewing a familiar skill!

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Kindergarten Math & Literacy Binder Centers

We are SO excited to use our Kindergarten Math and Literacy binder centers this year! We will be using them as binder activities to keep our homeschool materials to a minimum. However, if you’re in the classroom these make wonderful one-page centers to add to your Math and ELA stations!

Each seasonal binder includes 34 activities covering common Kindergarten skills like counting, adding, shapes, identifying coins, ABC order, early phonics, and so much more!

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Kindergarten Math & Literacy Worksheets

The perfect companion to our Kindergarten Binder Centers are our Kindergarten Math and Literacy worksheets! Created with the same themes as the binder centers, these worksheets accompany all 34 skills included in the Kindergarten binders. Your kiddos will be able to practice each skill in 3 different ways! Choose from coloring activities, writing answers and cut-and-paste pages to extend Math and Literacy practice!

These worksheets are currently “under construction” but will be released at the end of July 2021! Click the button below for a FREE SAMPLE of the worksheets included, and you’ll be notified as soon as the rest of the worksheets are available!

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Math & Literacy Sensory Bins

These Math and Literacy sensory bins have grown with us so much over the years! Recently they got an update and lots of new activities added, and I can’t wait to dig into them again this year!

Since we’ve been using these bins for several years, we will be using them for independent practice and review this year. I love having activities that LG can complete on her own to begin practicing independent school work. But they’re also handy activities for her to work on while I’m tidying up the rest of our school materials or prepping to move on to the next activity. And who doesn’t love some extra fine motor skills practice?!

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Hands-On Phonics Centers

I’m so excited to begin a deeper focus on reading with LG this year! During our Preschool time, we worked a lot on identifying letters, forming them, and beginning sounds. Now it’s time to put it all together!

While we’ll be working on lots of reading this year, it will certainly be done in a very hands-on way! We’ll be going through our hands-on Phonics centers bundle, starting with beginning sounds and CVC words! As the year progresses, we’ll continue working at LG’s pace and moving on to beginning blends and beginning digraphs as she shows she’s ready.

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Hands-On Sight Words Bundle

Along with lots of Phonics practice, we’ll be moving into learning beginning Sight Words! Our state standards list the first 40 Sight Words for Kindergarten, so we’ll be using our First 100 Sight Words bundle and moving along at LG’s pace this year and next! This bundle is full of hands-on ways to practice these incredibly important words for your kiddos’ reading!

STAY TUNED for a new blog post coming soon with TONS of hands-on ways to practice Sight Words!

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Kindergarten Writing Workbook

When we first began looking at materials for LG’s Kindergarten school year, I was convinced that I would try and create every single resource she needed. HA! I don’t know why I thought I could take that on, but I (very briefly) did.

Once I came to grips with reality, I went to our local Christian Christian and Homeschool store and found some SUPER helpful workbooks for us to use this year – including this Writing workbook! I’m so relieved to have some extra guidance as we navigate a completely new school topic this year!

*I found our workbook at Mardel, but you can grab it on Amazon using the affiliate link below!*

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Kindergarten Science Workbook

LG absolutely loves studying Science topics! Our goal this year is to mostly focus on using picture books from our library and taking advantage of our amazing local zoo for our Science lessons. However, I was thrilled to find this super simple Interactive Science Notebook! Having a workbook like this is great for keeping us on track and focused on the necessary state standards!

*I found our workbook at Mardel, but you can grab it on Amazon using the affiliate link below!*

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Kindergarten Geography Workbook

This is our second year using the Skill Sharpeners workbooks for Science and Geography and LG absolutely loves them! We used the Kindergarten Science Workbook and the Preschool Geography Workbook last year. She would seriously request to do a lesson in them every time she saw them! Now THAT’S my kind of workbook!

*I found our workbook at Mardel, but you can grab it on Amazon using the affiliate link below!*

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Bible Study Activities

Of course, I couldn’t finish this round up without including Bible study resources! We try to complete our Bible study time in the morning after cartoons and breakfast, but often include activities during our homeschool time as well. This bundle of 41 studies will provide your little learners with TONS of hands-on ways to study Scripture!

Let’s Hang Out!

Well, my friends – I hope this round up of Kindergarten homeschool resources has been helpful for you all! I’d love to chat and get to know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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