Homeschool Kindergarten Daily Routine and Chart for Little Learners

It’s time to chat about one of my favorite things to plan – our homeschool Kindergarten daily routine! I know it may sound crazy, but planning out the school year is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I get so excited looking at all the fun we’re going to have throughout the year!

If you’re joining us this year for homeschool Kindergarten, I wanted to share our homeschool Kindergarten daily routine and chart with you guys! Having a routine is SO helpful for keeping us on track during our school time, and it helps LG see what to expect for the day. Following the same routine each day is a game-changer for our organization and behavior management!



homeschool kindergarten calendar
Daily Calendar Work

Our calendar tracing pages have become a staple of our homeschool time. LG asks to practice on her calendar every time she sees her binder! Now, if that doesn’t make a homeschool Momma happy – I don’t know what will! We love starting our school time by talking about what to expect for the day as we look up the weather. And I’m excited to extend that this year with the NEW pages we added to help begin writing about our daily plans!

homeschool kindergarten handwriting tracing pages
Handwriting Practice

Dry erase markers make handwriting practice EXTRA fun! LG loves to pick a few pages from our handwriting tracing pages each school day. We use ultra fine Expo dry erase markers because they’re just about the closest dry erase marker I’ve ever seen to a pen or pencil tip! They’re SO helpful for littles who are beginning pencil practice!

These handwriting practice pages includes tons of ways to practice tracing upper and lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, and more in a variety of seasonal themes!

homeschool kindergarten math activities
Math Activities

There are SO many fun, hands-on ways to practice Math skills for little learners! During our Math time, we dig into our sensory bin for that month and use all the manipulatives to complete our various Math activities.

Below you’ll find the Math (and Literacy) resources we love using during our Math time!

homeschool kindergarten literacy activities
Literacy Activities

Hands-on activities may come naturally during Math time, but they are just as welcome during our Literacy time as well! There are TONS of fun ways to practice building letters and words using manipulatives like magnets, stamps, alphabet stickers, beads, and SO much fun!

Below you’ll find the Phonics and Sight Words resources we’ll be using with our favorite literacy manipulatives!

homeschool kindergarten language arts workbook
Language Arts Activities

We’re dipping our toes in the water of Writing this year, and I’m relieved to have a bit of guidance from this Writing workbook along the way! We’ll get deepest in our Writing time during the second semester, but will introduce these skills with shared writing time in the first semester.

Science and Social Studies Activities

I was thrilled when I first looked at our Kindergarten Science and Social Studies skills for this year. We live near the most amazing zoo and museums, and almost every single skill we need to cover this year has fun exhibits for us to visit! So this year, we’ll be doing LOTS of zoo and museum school for these subjects. We’ll also include tons of picture books from our local library and these handy little workbooks! LG loves them! We don’t complete both subjects every day. It usually works best for us to do 2 days of Science and 2 days of Geography each week (as we “do” 4-day school weeks).

Let’s Hang Out!

I hope this post is super helpful for you all! Following a routine is a lifesaver for us during our homeschool time, and this homeschool Kindergarten daily routine is just what we needed! If you try any of these resources or find a routine that works well for you, I’d love to chat about! Let’s hang out in some of our favorite places!

homeschool kindergarten daily routine chart
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