Winter Kindergarten Math and Literacy Binder for Homeschoolers

Happy Winter, my friends! I’m so excited to share the next set of resources we’ll be using in our homeschool Kindergarten year – this Winter Kindergarten Math and Literacy binder!

This resource is perfect for organizing your hands-on resources! It includes all of the Math and Literacy materials we will be using for December, January and February. From calendar time and handwriting, to 1-page centers and worksheets – this binder has it ALL!

Calendar Pages

Every morning after Bible study, we begin our school time with our tracing calendar. LG practices her handwriting and counting to 30+ by tracing the days of the month. (This also gives me a quick minute to reheat my coffee that is certainly cold by this point in the morning. ha!) When she’s finished, we discuss the topics on the “Calendar Talk” page before we move on with the rest of our school activities.

Winter Handwriting Pages

The next activity on our binder to-do list is handwriting practice! LG loves using these seasonally-themed pages to practice her letter formation, number formation, shapes, and more!

Kindergarten Skills QR Codes

Before we move on to our Math and Literacy practice, we introduce or review the week’s skills using these FREE Math and Literacy QR codes! Each QR code leads to a different YouTube video with songs and helpful tips for practicing each skill. They’re perfect for adding a little extra engagement, or reinforcing a difficult skill!

Winter Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers

After we’ve watched our videos, we move on to our Math and Literacy binder centers. We like to keep these activities in our binder using sheet protectors. This allows us to reuse the activities over and over again all season! But if you’d rather, you can easily turn these pages into 1-page centers by laminating them for durability!

Winter Kindergarten Math and Literacy Worksheets

The last activities in our binder are our Winter Math and Literacy worksheets! Once we’ve watched a video and completed a center over one skill, we continue practicing with one of the accompanying worksheets. Each skill has 3 different worksheets to help you vary your practice!

I hope this Winter Kindergarten Math and Literacy binder is as helpful for you and your kiddos as it has been for us! If you’d like more information about how we use these resources, CLICK HERE to read about our Kindergarten homeschool routine! And click the button below to download your FREE Winter Homeschool Kindergarten plans to accompany the resources in this post!

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