Christmas Crafts and Fine Motor Activities for Little Learners

Happy Christmas, y’all! One thing we LOVE to do each season is switch up our craft trays! These trays are our go-to activities for afternoons, weekends, rainy days, and especially times when this Momma needs to get a little extra work in. I hope these ideas for Christmas crafts and fine motor activities are super helpful for you, too!

Christmas Arts and Crafts Tray

Arts and crafts trays are a BLAST to set up and enjoy! For these trays, I don’t even purchase anything new if I don’t have to. The best part of this tray is that it simply showcases our current craft supplies, but in Christmas colors! It’s a easy way to take overlooked craft supplies and turn them into something “brand new” without any extra spending!

Some of our favorite craft supplies for our craft tray are glitter pens, KwikStix, glitter paint tubes, washable paints, stickers, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and MORE! Just dig through your craft supplies and see what you can bring to life again!

Christmas STEM Tray

There are so many fun ways to add STEM activities to your seasonal themes! One of our favorite ways is using a STEM tray like the tray from our Christmas PreK/Kindergarten Centers I created with my friend Michelle at Smitten with First!

Christmas Sensory Bins

At The Stay-at-Home Teacher, we make a sensory bin for EVERY theme! So of course we have to bust out tons of sensory bins for Christmas! We use them during our school time, as extra fine motor fun, and definitely during our dramatic play time! You can read about some of our very favorite Fall sensory bins using the button below!

Christmas Tree Play Dough Tray

So, it took me a while to come around to homemade play dough. Purchasing play dough in all sorts of colors is so convenient, and we honestly still buy plenty. But Y’ALL. Nothing beats the satisfaction of soft, homemade play dough. And this recipe from Mother Could is the absolute BEST and simplest one I’ve tried! Now I absolutely love making homemade play dough for our play dough trays, and LG will spend HOURS playing with it!

For this Christmas tree play dough tray, I used the play dough recipe found using the button below. Then to the tray I added holly, Christmas cookie cutters, pretend Christmas lights, and these precious little Christmas gifts.

Christmas Name Wreath

Looking for a fun way to practice name writing and building? Look no further than this fun Christmas name wreath from our Christmas PreK/Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers!

Christmas Play Dough Cards

Need some more ways to get creative with your play dough this Christmas? Don’t forget to grab these Christmas-themed play dough cards in our Christmas Preschool Math and Literacy Bundle!

Christmas Bucket List

Looking for other ways to get creative this Christmas? You’ll want to make sure you grab this FREE Christmas bucket list! This resource has tons of ways you can put all our Christmas crafts and fine motor activities into action! As an e-mail subscriber, you’ll find this printable in our FREE Resource Library using the password you receive at sign-up. Not a part of our e-mail community yet? Sign up now using the button below!

Let’s hang out!

Well, friends… Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?? I hope all of these ideas for Christmas crafts and fine motor activities help your family enjoy all sorts of Christmas fun! I’d love to chat and get to know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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