Alphabet Tracing Cards

Handwriting Practice with Preschool Skills Tracing Cards

Colors and numbers and letters, oh my! While it’s still hard for me to admit, I now have a preschooler on my hands (WHERE did my baby go?!) and she’s so excited to learn all. the. things. So to make the most of this excitement, I put together this fun bundle of preschool tracing cards for us to practice lots of common preschool skills!

Why We Love Tracing Cards

First off, is my kid the only kid who thinks that writing with dry erase markers is the coolest thing in the world?! I can’t say that I blame her and her love of writing on shiny paper, though. There’s just something so fun about it! This is the first reason why we love these preschool tracing cards – LG thinks they are so fun!

Secondly, they are SO easy to reuse over and over again! Once you’ve done the work of putting them together, you have a resource that can be used for years to come. This always makes the work worth it for me!

As LG is getting older, she’s working more on her pencil grip. These tracing cards combine fine motors practice with common preschool skills like upper and lowercase letters, beginning sounds, numbers, counting, shapes, and colors. That’s SO much practice in one easy activity!

How to Prep Tracing Cards

Prepping these cards is so super simple! First, I print off my cards on card stock to make sure they’re nice and sturdy. Next, I laminate them. This is what gives them the ability to be used with dry erase markers! (Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post covering all the resources I use to print and prep my materials!) Finally, I cut the cards out and hole punch the corners so that I can put each set on its own binder ring. And there you have it! Easy, reusable preschool tracing cards!

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