Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Are y’all ready for all things pink, red and purple?! I know we are! We’re so ready to bust out all the Valentine’s Day fun, and can’t wait to get started with our Valentine’s Day centers! For the February unit, Michelle and I are breaking out all the Valentine’s Day themed manipulatives for our Math and Literacy activities!

Counting and Operations Activities

There are SO many hands-on Math activities in this set! These activities are perfect for practicing counting to 10, identifying numbers to 10, comparing numbers, and informal addition and subtraction!

Shapes and Colors Activities

We are going to have so much fun with these shapes and colors activities! We’ll be practicing color identification, matching colors to their color words, shapes tracing, shapes matching, and shapes building! These skills includes tons of fine motors practice, too!

Measurement Activities

These activities are perfect for introducing various forms of measurement to your little ones!

Literacy Activities

There are so many fun letters and sounds activities this month! From identifying letters and sounds to rhyming words and pictures, so many ages and stages have something fun to work on!

More Fine Motors Fun

With these final activities we’ll be practicing more fine motors, patterns, working on LG’s name, and pre-writing skills!

If you’d like to check out these centers PLUS the many more included in the year-long bundle, click on the image below to view our full Valentine’s Day PreK/Kinder Math & Literacy Unit!
Preschool Activities Cover - 2Valentines

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