Leaps of Faith – Part 2

Leaps of Faith - Part 2

“We aren’t in our current situation because we have created this path for ourselves. We’re here because God has repeatedly opened doors, giving us opportunities to trust and obey Him. These open doors sometimes seem scary or uncomfortable, but have led to a deeper trust in Him each time. I know that this is preparing us for even larger jumps in the future!”

Does that sound familiar? If you’ve been following my blog (with the exception of my recent 2-month hiatus…) you read that at the end of my very first blog post. In that post, I explained how God had convicted my husband and I of the need for me to stay home with our daughter, and the doors He had opened for us to make that happen. I talked about how God kept giving us opportunities to take “leaps of faith”. And here we are now, taking our biggest leap yet. Funny how God works, right?


Bye, Bye House!

We closed on our house today. Yep. It’s sold. As we were going through the process of doing a cash-out refinance, a career change presented itself for my husband. (Perfect timing, God!) It’s so obvious to us now that everything we’ve gone through for the last 18 months has set us up perfectly to take this opportunity.

For years now, Matt has talked about the idea of joining his dad in the world of insurance adjusting for catastrophe claims. This job requires traveling for at least half of the year, so taking it either meant I left the classroom to travel with him, or we’d be apart for a few months at a time. Neither of those options were going to work for us. I loved teaching and wasn’t ready to leave. However, now that I’m staying home and have always had the intention to homeschool anyway, what’s holding us back?


What’s Next?

Our biggest concern when we first discussed trying this new job was the financial risk. You can be completely certified and ready to work, but end up waiting months for a storm to go work. Living in our current house with a limited savings, there was no way we could take that chance. Then we found out what our house is worth. And y’all. God. Is. Good. Between buying our house at the bottom of the market, doing a major remodel thanks to a leak and nice insurance check, and booming new projects in our town, there’s never been a better time to sell. Isn’t that crazy?! We never would have guessed 4 years ago that we were buying a house that would set us up for an incredible adventure. But God knew!

As much as we love our current town, we have always wanted to get back home to our families in the Fort Worth area. Selling our house is giving us both the financial cushion to wait out a call for work, as well as the opportunity to move back home. It’s a win-win! However, it is still a leap of faith considering we are starting a new, unique job and moving at the same time. We are so fortunate to be able to stay with family during the transition, but God knows it’s pretty scary to think about moving your family without an official home to call your own.

We are so excited about this new adventure that we will officially be starting in 2 weeks! We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we begin our mad dash to pack and figure out our new life! Stay tuned for updates on where God sends us!

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