New Year, New Adventures

Well, it’s been over 6 months since my last blog post which can only mean one thing – life happened. In an attempt to get back on track, here’s a summary of our craziness since my last post. Buckle up!

July – Matt got his first experience with catastrophe adjusting working alongside his father is a small town in Iowa. LG and I spent our days at an incredible farmhouse AirBnB, and explored what we could of Des Moines, Iowa. By the first week of August, we were back home and hitting the ground running for the wedding of one of my best friends.

August – The RV hunt was on! We spent almost every day for a couple of weeks checking out RVs. We finally settled on this beauty and have absolutely loved it!! As soon as we bought it, we took it for a test run near Austin, Texas for a much-needed family vacation with LG. Thank God we bought it when we did because…

September – Matt got called for his first solo deployment! Almost as soon as Hurricane Harvey hit, Matt was called to Austin to wait until it was safe to start working claims. When he was able to get to work, LG and I joined him outside of Houston. I’d be lying if I told you I remembered everything that happened those first couple of busy weeks. Matt did an INCREDIBLE job of jumping in as a newbie, and LG and I got a good taste of daily life in the RV. The first month and a half were a bit difficult because I didn’t have a car. (You can find my post about selling my car here.) We had to get really creative to keep ourselves entertained in an RV all day, but Matt was such a good sport about getting us out in the evenings after he’d been working all day. By mid-October, this momma had a new car!!! It was so good to be able to run around during the day and even make a few trips home to visit family.

November – After the first week of November, Matt was told to finish up his work and head home. We were thrilled to be back in time for the holidays! We spent about a month living with my grandparents and looking at houses. However, we eventually realized how much we loved and missed our sweet little RV home and decided to move back in full time! (More about that here soon!!)

Clearly, our living situation has taken quite an interesting turn. To match, I’d love to adjust my blog content as well! From here on I’ll be posting about our full-time RV life, life at home with our spunky little 2-year-old, and my educational resources. I can’t wait to share our new beloved lifestyle with you all!

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