Academic Learning Through Conversation

I’m often asked what age I started working on academic activities with LG. Now that she’s almost 3, I’ve mostly shared resources that I create. But the majority of our time together is, and has always been, spent playing and talking using academic language!

Let Them Play!

Is there a better way to learn than through play?! It comes so naturally for little ones, and gives them so many opportunities to ask questions and explore. While independent play also has its importance, I think that taking advantage of playing with our children is very underestimated.

LG is absolutely thrilled any time we play with her, and she has no idea how much she’s learning by playing with us! Whether we’re playing house, doing crafts or playing games, she’s learning valuable social and language skills. In addition, it’s super easy to incorporate academic conversation!

Talk About It!

We add academic skills into so many of our discussions! The easiest way to do this is by asking questions or narrating what’s going on. Some common phrases we use while playing are…

“Will you please hand me the red crayon?”

“I need to make 3 cups of tea. Will you please help me?”

“Look how many letter Es there are in that word!”

Little ones pick up EVERYTHING we say – the good, the bad, and the ugly. By discussing in detail what you’re doing together and the things you see, you’re using important vocabulary that your kiddo will pick up and begin using before you know it!

Easy Academic Skills to Include







The possibilities and opportunities are endless! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself out and about alone, and talking out loud to myself because I’m so used to narrating everything to LG! haha! It becomes second nature and your kiddo will gain so much from this habit!

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