November School Plans

Ready or not, November is almost here! Personally, I’m thrilled that all the spookiness surrounding Halloween and October is over so we can move on to some much brighter celebrations! This month is FULL of fun and festive hands-on activities and I can’t wait to get started! To find our plans for November and access the product links, click HERE!

As you’ll see, our plans begin Tuesday November 6. This is because the last week of October/first week of November plans are included in my October Homeschool Preschool Plans post! We’ll also be taking the week of Thanksgiving off to travel and spend time as a family!


A Few Reminders

 LG will be 3 in December so all of our plans this year are appropriate for ages 2-3, and can be easily adapted for little ones younger and older! We spend about an hour or so each, 3 days a week on our “school time”. Sometimes we get all of our school done in one sitting, but usually we do a little here and there throughout the morning. That’s the beauty of homeschool preschool – you choose whatever works best for you and your little ones!

What’s Included?

These plans include resources from several TeachersPayTeacher authors. The plans themselves are an outline of how and when we will use the resources, but do not include any of the actual resources. If you’d like to follow along with our school days, click the image below to hop on over to Instagram and follow me for pictures and videos of our school time together in more detail!

Fave Fine Motos Activities