Halloween Crafts and Fine Motor Activities for Little Learners

Looking for some crafts and activities this Halloween that aren’t too spooky? You’re in the right place! I’ve gathered some of our favorite Halloween crafts and fine motor activities that your little learners are going to LOVE!

halloween sensory bin
Halloween Sensory Bins

We love seasonal sensory bins and our Halloween bin is just SO much fun! The bright Halloween colors add such an exciting and welcome pop! And putting the bin together was super simple

To build this bin, I filled our container with dry black beans. These beans have been our go-to filler for years! Then I added in our stash of Halloween-themed mini Erasers from Target, Halloween colored pompoms, and the cutest little gems! (Click the button below to grab these gems using our Amazon affiliate link.) To top it off, I added some mini cauldrons from Dollar Tree and a few of our favorite tools for exploring. Your kiddos will get TONS of play time out of this bin!

halloween color sort
Halloween PomPom Color Sort

We use our Halloween sensory bin for tons of activities all throughout the month of October. One our favorites when LG was younger is sorting the colorful pompoms included! This gives littles a great opportunity to work on their fine motor skills while practicing an academic skill like color recognition!

halloween sticker sort
Halloween Sticker Sort

When we can get ahold of some puffy stickers for our current theme, I grab them up!! We use puffy stickers in our sensory bins for all sorts of activities, including sticker sorts! (Our go-to spot to grab them is Hobby Lobby or Mardel.)

Peeling off the backing from the puffy stickers gives your little ones AMAZING fine motor practice, and sorting is a great exercise in visual discrimination! This activity is perfect to set up in the morning while you enjoy some hot coffee!

halloween play dough tray
Monster Building Play Dough Tray

No seasonal theme is complete without a play dough tray! You can absolutely use store bought play dough, but this recipe from MotherCould is the best! (Click the button below to grab the recipe!)

To put this tray together, I made one batch of her play dough recipe with green food coloring. Then I filled our tray (from Dollar Tree) with lots of odds and ends for building little critters/monsters! Some great materials to use include pipe cleaners, building tools, googly eyes, and popsicle stickers!

halloween tear art crafts
Halloween Tear Art Crafts

Tear art crafts are another great way to practice fine motor skills with your littles! We’ve used variations of this activity over the years. When tearing the paper into tiny bits seemed too difficult, I simply cut up pieces of construction paper for LG to use on her crafts. The classic version of this activity is super fun when using tissue paper for the tearing!

Regardless of which method you choose, you won’t want to miss using these FREE tear art templates in our FREE Resource Library!

pumpkin painting
Pumpkin Painting

One last Halloween craft that we love is pumpkin painting! I love pulling this activity out when we want to do something fun and festive like pumpkin carving, but we don’t really have the time for all the scooping and carving. Plus, the finished painted pumpkins are such a fun addition to our Halloween decor around the house!

We love using our KwikStix for this craft because they dry SUPER quickly and their colors show up so vibrantly! You can grab a set for yourself using the Amazon affiliate button below!

I hope you and your kiddos have SO much fun with these Halloween crafts and fine motor activities! For more Halloween ideas, be sure to check out our Halloween Books and Activities post by clicking the button below!

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