Life Cycle Studies for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade

One of the best things I’ve learned so far on our very short homeschool journey is that following LG’s interests brings so much joy and excitement to our school time! I noticed she was asking lots of questions about animals and how things grow, so we jumped on her interest and started studying tons of fun topics with these life cycle studies for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade kiddos!

I love that you can find life cycles to study for any time of the year, so it’s super easy to add a seasonal topic to our Science learning! Below you’ll find our favorite studies and all of the activities included!

Pumpkin Life Cycle
Life Cycle Studies Included in the Bundle

I just LOVE studying seasonal themes! So this bundle includes one life cycle study to match each month of the year! You can click on any of the life cycles below to get a better look at their specific activities and images.

1. Apple Life Cycle

2. Sunflower Life Cycle

3. Spider Life Cycle

4. Pumpkin Life Cycle

5. Coniferous (Christmas) Tree Life Cycle

6. Penguin Life Cycle

7. Snowflake Life Cycle

8. Butterfly Life Cycle

9. Rabbit Life Cycle

10. Sea Turtle Life Cycle

11. Frog Life Cycle

12. Plant Life Cycle

Activities Included in Each Unit

I’ve learned with LG that consistency is key. If I’m constantly introducing new activities or activity formats, it become overwhelming. BUT if I introduce a new topic in a familiar format, we’re able to jump into our learning much more easily! For this reason, each unit in this bundle includes the same 10 components.

Spider Books
Book Recommendations

Each unit includes book recommendations to help your little one study that life cycle. We’ll be using non-fiction books, magazines and even picture books during our study! We certainly don’t go purchase new books for each unit, although I’d love to. Be sure to take advantage of your public library for this part! LG loves looking up the books with me on the library computers and then hunting them down together!

Pumpkin Life Cycle FREEBIE
QR Code Cards

These QR code cards (or “scanners” as LG calls them) are such a fun part of our units! Each of the 4 cards takes you to a different informational video or read-aloud. All you need to do is download a free QR Scanner app on your device and scan the codes!

Sensory Bin Matching Mats

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for long, you know that my sensory bin obsession is strong. So, of course I had to include sensory bin matching mats for the studies! These are perfect for introducing even your littlest learners to each life cycle. Simply toss the pieces in a sensory bin, let them explore the bin and discuss the different cards they choose!

PlayDoh/Craft Trays and Real Image Cards

Each study includes a PlayDoh STEM tray or a craft tray, as well as cards with real images of each part of the life cycles. We LOVE using the images to build and study the cycles in a hands-on, age-appropriate way!

Vocabulary Words Tracing Cards

These tracing cards are a great way to combine fine motor skills, handwriting practice, and science vocabulary all in one activity! Simply laminate for repeated use, trace with dry erase markers, and discuss each part of the life cycle!

Life Cycle Poster

These posters are included in both color or black/white options. Print and laminate the color option as an anchor chart to reference during your study, or print the black/white version for your little one to color while you discuss the cycle!


Whether you need worksheets for your students to hand in, or you just want another way for your little one to demonstrate their understanding of each life cycle, you have 3 options to choose from! Each option includes coloring, cutting and gluing to insure your kiddos are still getting some extra fine motor skills practice.

Vocabulary Linking Cards

These cards have so many uses! Laminate them and use a single hole punch to make a hole on the left and right sides of the cards. Then use links to connect them! Connect the life cycle in the correct order, the pictures to their words, or the pictures/words/sentence all together!

Adding these simple life cycle studies to our school time has peaked LG’s interest and helped her stay so engaged during our learning! If you’d like to try them out for yourself, click them image below to find the bundle in my TeachersPayTeachers store!

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