Letter Names and Sounds Activities

As LG gets older, some of our favorite activities to do together are for practicing letter names and sounds! We love using all sorts of materials to make our practice as hands-on as possible, from sensory play to music. So today I wanted to share with y’all our favorite letter names and sounds activities!

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New Roll and Cover5

Roll & Trace Dice Companion – GRAB IT HERE!

As soon as I saw the number and letter dice in the Target Dollar spot, I knew I had to put them to use! These cards really put them to work! The resource includes cards with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and beginning sounds pictures for each set of dice. It even includes cards for number identification and counting!

Water ABC Sensory Bin

Alphabet Sponge Water Sensory Bin

Water play is a big hit around our house, so I tossed in some alphabet sponges to add a little academic practice. To play together, LG washes her alphabet and picks out letters to discuss their names and sounds. We especially love this activity when it’s nice enough to take it outside!

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Preschool Binder Pages - Chantal1

Preschool Binder Pages – GRAB IT HERE!

I love keeping our most-used resources in one place, like our Preschool Binder! (You can read more about what we keep in our binder by clicking HERE!) These binder pages are a staple in our binder. We practice tracing upper and lowercase letters, building them with various manipulatives, and discussing their beginning sounds with the pictures!

ABC Magnets Sort

Alphabet Matching w/Magnet Letters

This is one of our all-time favorite sensory bins! Putting it together is super simple. Toss alphabet letter magnets in your sensory bin and write all of the matching letters on a sheet of printer paper. Put the sheet of paper on top of a magnetic surface, like a cookie sheet, and let your little one pick out letters to match on the sheet. LG loves this one because she can do it all on her own!

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PreK Sensory Bins

Alphabet Sensory Bin Task Cards – GRAB THEM HERE!

Want to put your sensory bins to work? Toss in these sensory bin task cards and watch your little ones turn their one-to-one correspondence practice into letter name and sounds practice!

Alphabet Video Cards

Letter Names and Sounds Songs

We are SO excited about our newest alphabet practice activity, we’re giving it to you for FREE! These QR code cards are such a fun way to practice letter names and sounds through music! Either scan the code with your device or type in the provided URLs to find 12 alphabet YouTube videos!



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