Christmas Sensory Bins

Happy December! It’s officially time to get working in our Christmas-themed sensory bins, and we’re so excited! There’s something about Christmas bins that make them extra fun! I hope these bins make a great addition to your December school time!


Christmas Gem/”Ornament” Bin

There’s no need for extra activities with this bin. LG has had SO much fun just playing with the gems! While I was putting together all of our bins, I kept finding her at this bin. Each time she as doing something different – sorting the gems by color, building shapes, you name it! I LOVE that about simple bins. There are so many ways to use them!


Free Counting Cards

Of course we had to bust out our FREE counting cards with the gems! LG loves getting to practice each month with a different manipulative. And I love that I can make a reused resource new and fun each time we use it!

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Gems Color Sort

These gems are PERFECT paired with our color-sorting mats from my Preschool Binder! There are so many colors included in the set of gems, your little one will get tons of practice identifying them!

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Gem Letter Building

Can you tell we’re really loving these gems this month?! Ha! They’re also the perfect manipulative for building numbers and letters in our Preschool Binder!

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Christmas Sticker Sort

We LOVE getting these puffy stickers at Hobby Lobby whenever they go on sale! The packs are perfect for so many activities, like this sort!

Putting together this activity is super simple! Fold a sheet of paper into 4 parts. Place one of each sticker in the corners so your little one know which stickers to put in the sections. Then, watch them go! We LOVE using puffy stickers for fine motor skills practice because it takes a good amount of work to get the backs off of the stickers!


Puffy Sticker Names

Another fun activity to do with puffy stickers is name building! You can also find these Christmas-colored puffy alphabet stickers at Hobby Lobby! For name practice, I cut strips of paper and wrote names on them. Then, LG had to find the correct letters to match to the letters in the names!


Jingle Bell Patterns

Have you seen these adorable jingle bells at Hobby Lobby?! Holy moly! We’re LOVING them! They’re another great manipulative option for counting, color sorting, and building letters, numbers and shapes! For this activity, we used them to practice building patterns!


Nativity Sensory Bins

These bins are some of our favorites to pull out every December! We love to practice retelling the Christmas story with this matching mat, and LG loves putting together the puzzle!

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Nativity Puffy Stickers

Once again, Hobby Lobby saves the day with these adorable Nativity puffy stickers! These guys are SO perfect for retelling the Christmas story with your little ones!


Christmas Gift Color Sort

I’m so excited to pull these guys back out! One of my favorite things about seasonal sensory bins is being able to save manipulatives from the previous year. Using them for just a month or two at a time makes them feel brand new when you take them back out again!

For this bin I gave LG 3 little bowls for her to sort her presents into, and she went to town! She LOVES playing with these little gifts!


Nativity Bin

Got littles? This bin is perfect for retelling the Christmas story and allowing your little ones to explore the different people involved! LG loves this little set!

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