Amazing Bible Study Resources and Books for Children

As LG gets older, some of the sweetest times we’ve enjoyed together have been around her Bible study. It’s easy to assume that our littlest ones aren’t quite ready for “study”, but the truth is it’s just never too early. We know that our itty bitties pick up everything, and why not include an early love of Scripture and learning more about Jesus? So in this post, I’m excited to share some amazing Bible study resources for children! Some of the companies that I love purchasing my own studies from have recently offered study materials for kids, and I’m thrilled!

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bible study resources - jesus storybook bible
Jesus Storybook Bible

This Bible is by far the best little Bible I’ve ever read with LG. While she still loves her others and reads them often, this Bible connects everything so beautifully to Jesus and the Gospel. My only tip – grab a box of tissues for while you read. The writing is so incredibly moving, you’ll need them every time!

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Amen – The Story of the Bible from Eden to Eternity

The Daily Grace Co has been my go-to place for all of my own Bible studies. (CLICK HERE to read more about them!) The contributors have such an amazing gift of bringing so much out of Scripture, but in an accessible way.

This book is no different. It ties together the story of the Gospel throughout all of the Bible, and LG was hooked! I’m so glad we have this addition to our study materials!

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The Fruit of the Spirit

The new board books from The Daily Grace Co are absolutely precious! We’ve had this one for quite some time now and LG loves reading through it! We’ve learned so much together. While LG is almost 4 years old, I would absolutely recommend this book for little bitties!

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Sweeter Than the Sweetest Honey

This new book has quickly become a favorite for our family! It’s packed with tons of helpful information about the Bible – how it was written, what is included, who wrote it. It’s so perfect for little learners who are learning the importance of studying Scripture!

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bible study resources - attribute cards
The Character of God

This study may look like it’s for an older audience, but I assure you it fits just about any age! LG and I love reading through the different cards to learn more about God’s character and what Scripture says we can believe about Him. I love that this is a resource that will grow with our family for years!

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bible study resources - hands-on activities
Old Testament and New Testament Bible Study Units

One of the greatest honors I’ve ever had is creating Bible study resources for my own family and YOURS! It’s been an absolute blast to create these hands-on resource full of activities like sensory bins, booklets, STEM activities, and so much more! We can’t wait to really dig into Scripture with them soon!

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