NO PREP Math and Literacy Worksheets for Little Learners

In the Preschool world, the word “worksheets” tends to have a cringe effect. While yes, the misuse of worksheets is real and a real problem, this doesn’t have to ruin them completely. For the last year now LG has proved that when used in moderation and with parent/teacher guidance, worksheets can be a very useful tool during school time. In fact, she often asks to work on hers!

Preschool Skills

Our NO PREP worksheets have been a quick and simple way for us to practice many basic Preschool skills! In these packs, you’ll find the following skills:





Beginning Sounds




When putting this resource together, it was important for me to include as much fine motors practice as possible! When using these worksheets your kiddos will practice important skills like coloring, cutting, tracing, dabbing, connecting, and gluing!

May PreK Workbook1
Seasonal Themes Included

We love including these worksheets each month in our Preschool Binder! (CLICK HERE to learn more about our Preschool Binder.) So, we took the same skills each month and switched them up with a new theme! You can click any of the themes below to learn more about them, or CLICK HERE to check out the full year-long bundle!


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We have truly enjoyed including these worksheets in our homeschool preschool routine! I hope that these are as helpful for you as they have been for us!

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