10+ iPad Activities for Little Learners

If you’ve been around The Stay-at-Home Teacher for very long, you know we love all sorts of hands-on activities. We LOVE sensory bins, PlayDoh, hands-on Math and Literacy centers – you name it! But can I be honest with y’all? We also love some iPad apps and see value in using them during our school time! So today I wanted to share 10+ iPad activities for little learners.


When We Use Our iPad

While I’m not super strict about IF we use the iPad, I am a little picky about WHEN we use it and what we use it for. Some of the best advice I’ve heard about technology with littles is to use it as a tool. So we bust out the iPad when LG (or this Momma) needs some alone time.

We don’t use the iPad every day. But we use it when it’s helpful for us or when times are a little tricky. Some of those times include LG’s “room time”, my work time, meal prep, traveling, and long waits outside of the house.


Our Favorite FREE Apps

Everybody loves some FREE iPad help! The following apps are some of the first ones we used with LG. We weren’t sure we wanted her to spend much time on it, so we started with the free ones first. They’re still some of our very favorites!

GoNoodle – This app is SO much fun for your littles who loves to exercise, dance and sing!

PBS Kids – We also have this app on our Amazon Fire Stick. We’re huge fans of all the adorable PBS kids cartoons!

PBS Kids Games – I was so excited when I saw all the fun learning games this app offers!

Bible App for Kids – This is by far one of our VERY favorite apps. It makes all of the Bible stories so engaging and interactive!

YouTube Kids – While this is a “kids” version of YouTube, I still recommend keeping an eye on the screen while your children watch. You just never know what could pop up! But we definitely enjoy using this TOGETHER during our school time, especially to study new Science topics!


Our Favorite PAID Apps

Once we knew that LG enjoyed some of the free apps and could handle iPad time well, we looked into some helpful paid apps. These apps range from Preschool to upper elementary, so they will grow with your little learners!

Vooks – Vooks is one of our absolute favorite resources for quiet time! This app is like the Netflix for books. Simply browse the collection of read alouds, then watch the animated version of your favorite books! CLICK HERE to try it!

Yippee! – If you’re looking for Christian entertainment, this is the app for you! We love starting our mornings with the Daily Devo Show, followed by some Veggie Tales or Super Book! This has been such a wonderful help when teaching LG her Bible stories or making sure she’s watching shows without ‘tudes or any hidden shenanigans! CLICK HERE to try it!

Elmo Loves ABCs – Elmo always wins the award for cutest activities ever! This is the very first app we purchased and, oh my goodness. It’s just the cutest thing!

Elmo Loves 123s – Once again – Elmo wins! LG absolutely loves these activities!

Starfall – Starfall is so fun for Math and Literacy practice with kiddos from Preschool through 3rd grade! LG just loves all of the fun videos and games! It’s perfect for adding a little extra Preschool practice with TONS of skills! CLICK HERE to try it!

ABC Mouse – I love that ABC Mouse grows with your kiddo. It’s one of those wonderful apps that takes what your kiddo knows and gradually pushes them a little farther. LG loves working along the “learning path” and has enjoyed so many of the activities! CLICK HERE to try it!

Reading Eggs – Finally, our latest purchase is Reading Eggs. I wasn’t sure we needed another school app, BUT I was able to try to month free thanks to a friend and LG was HOOKED! CLICK HERE to try it!

Well, friends! I hope that this list of iPad activities for your little ones is super helpful for you! I know that screen time can be a difficult topic to tackle. But especially during times like these, remember that anything can be helpful in moderation. Life is a little tricky right now, but even when we’re not experiencing a pandemic it’s nice to have some help from the technology we’re blessed with. And in case you haven’t heard lately – you’re doing wonderful, Momma!

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