FREE Earth Day Activities

Hey friends! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably scrambling for Earth Day activities since it’s just a few days away! While putting together our list of activities, I found several fun FREEBIES from some friends so I thought I’d put them all in one place for you all! I hope you’re able to find some fun ideas for you and your kiddos!

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Earth Day Books

Since I forgot about grabbing materials sooner, I dug through our book shelf to see what we already had! I was thrilled to see this Little Critter Earth Day book, along with this Berenstain Bears book! If you don’t have any books specifically about Earth Day, see what you can find about gardens, plants, etc.!

CLICK HERE for a read aloud of It’s Earth Day on YouTube!


Creation Bible Study

Although we’ve already completed our Creation Bible study once, I thought it would be a good idea to pull out some of the activities again and reread the story. We love to use holidays and celebrations as a chance to tie in Scripture. So discussing how God created our Earth and how we can take care of it as a way to glorify Him is important to us! CLICK HERE to grab this FREE Creation Story sensory bin!


Earth Day Math & Literacy

These centers are the perfect addition for your Math and Literacy time! Count and build the correct amount of water bottles in the recycling bin, match upper and lower letters, and practice fine motor skills with recycling-themed PlayDoh cards! CLICK HERE to grab this FREE set!


Earth Day Fine Motor Activities

Do you have little ones who are working on their fine motor skills? Look no further than these adorable FREE fine motor activities! Practice matching colors with this flower sensory bin, match and discuss recycling pictures, and practice tracing! CLICK HERE to grab these free centers from my friend Alleah Maree!

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Earth Day Fine Motors Craft

This cute little craft makes my HEART smile! It’s such a perfect activity to practice fine motor skills! CLICK HERE to grab the FREE template from my friend Sarah!

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Earth Day Interactive Hat

Earth Day Hat

You guys, I can’t handle this adorable little hat! It will be perfect for talking about the 3 R’s! CLICK HERE to grab this FREEBIE from my friend Michelle!

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Garden Sensory Bins

Finally, we thought our garden activities were a perfect fit for Earth day! You can read about 8+ activities in one of my favorite blog posts! CLICK HERE to read more!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Earth Day!


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