Bug Themed Math and Literacy Activities for 2-4 Year Olds

Do your kiddos go BUGGIE over bugs?! I was recently pleasantly surprised by how much LG loves exploring bugs, both real and pretend! So when it was time to put together another themed unit, I knew we had to go for the bugs!

If you’re spending your days with little ones ages 2-4, these Buggie Themed Math and Literacy Activities are a perfect way to keep their little hands and brains moving!

Firefly Counting Cards

How cute are these little fireflies?! (Or do you call them lightning bugs?!) With this activity, kiddos practice one-to-one correspondence by counting and covering each firefly. If your little ones are ready, follow the arrows on the numbers to practice writing them. If not, use your pompoms to build the numbers instead!

Ladybug Counting

Grab some black beans from your buggie sensory bin and get counting! Choose spider web number cards and show the correct amount of spots on the ladybug! *As an additional activity, you could have your child choose TWO number cards. Then have them build each number on its own side of the ladybug and compare the amounts!

Counting Flies

Another way to use the spider web number cards is to use them with the fly trap 10 Frame mat! Choose a number, grab some bug mini erasers from your buggie sensory bin, and build the correct amount on the 10 Frame!

Numbers 1-6 Board Game

The best way to sneak in learning time is with games! This numbers board game practices the numbers 1-6 and will help your little ones practice lots of skills like taking turns, number identification, color identification, etc.!

Leaf Shapes

We love building shapes! And these giant leaf shapes can be built out of just about anything! Grab some PlayDoh, mini erasers, pompoms – you name it! Your little ones will love building their shapes and maybe even tracing the shape names below if they’re ready!

Shape Swatting

This shape swatting game is SO much fun! Start by placing the shape leaf cards around your table or on the floor. Then, choose a shape card from the pile of cards. Announce the shape and watch your little cuties hunt for the correct shape to splat with their fly swatters!

Buggies Color Sort

These bug color cards are a perfect addition to your buggie sensory bins! I didn’t change a thing about our bug themed bin – I simply helped LG find and sort the colored objects that she dug out! Don’t you just love a super simple activity?!

Color Flies Swatting

Your kiddos will LOVE “swatting” these colorful flies! Toss the flies into your sensory bin. Then help your little ones pick out the flies and match them to their correct color fly swatter!

Buggie Alphabet

This activity is perfect for littles who are getting started with their alphabet! While your kiddos use the PlayDoh and mini erasers to build the letters, talk about the letter names, upper and lowercase versions, and sounds! And if they’re ready, try using a dry erase marker to practice tracing the letters!

*TIP – This is one activity that ALWAYS takes us multiple days. Don’t ever worry if your kiddos can’t handle doing lots of these little cards in one sitting. Just split them up over several days to extend your practice!*

Bug Upper/Lowercase Letter Puzzles

These puzzles are such a fun way to practice matching upper and lowercase letters with your older toddlers/preschoolers! One of the things that makes them so handy is the self-correcting nature of matching the bug puzzles. Putting together the puzzles will assist your littlest ones who are still getting introduced to their letters!

Buggie PlayDoh Cards

Fine motor skills are so important to practice with our little ones! They don’t naturally have the same finger strength and coordination that we have as adults. So using materials like PlayDoh is a great way to strengthen their little muscles! These bug-themed cards are such a fun activity!

Bugs Pre-Writing Strips

These pre-writing strips are SO stinking handy. Fill them with little manipulatives like mini erasers, mold PlayDoh to fit, or use a dry erase marker to trace! *I’ve found that LG is most successful during her tracing practice when she uses “bubble” lines like these instead of just tracing “dashes”!

Scissor Cutting Strips

Practice scissor skills with your kiddos? These 8 strips are exactly what you need! Print them off again and again for additional practice!

Whether you’re practicing with 2-3 year olds or adding some extra fine motors practice to your routine like I am with my 4 year old, this set of bug-themed Math and Literacy activities is sure to please! I hope y’all have so much fun!


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