Dollar Tree Wooden Blocks Math and Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

It’s here, y’all! I’ve been looking forward to this blog series (Dollar Tree Preschool) for quite a while now and I’m so excited to finally share what I’ve found! If you’re on the hunt for simple, inexpensive homeschool Preschool activities, you’re in the right place!

For my first post, I wanted to share some of the ways we’re using these handy little wooden blocks from Dollar Tree! The size of these cuties is perfect – they make great little dice for ANYTHING you want as long as you have a fine-tipped Sharpie! Ready to see how we used them?? Let’s get started!

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One of the skills we’re working on lately is representing numbers. So this package of 36 cubes was perfect! Little items like these make great manipulatives, especially for counting.

To prep this activity, grabbed some construction paper and one of LG’s markers. Then I wrote the numbers 0-20 in order to make number strips. Underneath each number, LG used the cubes to represent the amounts. This was a great way for her to compare quantities and get a better understanding of why we have number order in the first place!

Working on number recognition? This one is for you! I grabbed several cubes and wrote numbers 1-20. Then I wrote 4-each of the numbers corresponding to each dice on a sheet of construction paper. To play, just roll the number dice and cover with a blank cube! Easy peasy!

To extend this activity, try drawing circles with the correct amount of dots inside on the paper. Then have your kiddo roll the dice, find the circle with the matching amount inside, and cover!

You can never practice building numbers and quantities too much! Using the number dice I made for the previous activity, have your kiddo roll and build the amount or number! (If they’re still struggling with building the number on their own, you could lightly mark the amount or number on paper for them to cover.)

Turn shapes practice into a game! Choose some shapes for your little one to work on. Then draw those shapes on the dice and on a sheet of paper. Kiddos then roll, name and cover!

Need another way to practice shapes? Use your dice from the activity before, but this time have your kiddos use the remaining blocks to build the shape on a sheet of paper! You could even have your kiddos roll, name the shape, then draw it on the page!

Let’s practice letters! Like seen in the activities above, grab a handful of cubes and write the letters on the alphabet on them. On a sheet of paper, write the matching letters! Simply roll, name the letter, and cover!

Practice identifying and matching upper and lowercase letters with this next activity! Use the same dice you made for your uppercase matching activity. But instead of writing the matching uppercase letters on a piece of paper, write the corresponding lowercase letters! Then kiddos roll and cover the matching lowercase letters!

One last activity! Use the same alphabet dice that you made for the previous activities. Then have your kiddos roll and build/write the letters on a piece of paper!


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Well, friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed this first Dollar Tree Preschool post! I can’t wait to bring y’all lots of fun and affordable Preschool ideas! Have an idea of a resource or skill you’d like to see? DM me on Instagram @thestayathometeacher and I’ll get to work!


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