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Sight Word Activities That Will Engage Little Learners

This year we’re introducing Sight Words into our homeschool Kindergarten routine, and LG is already having a BLAST! One of the cutest things is seeing her excitement when we’re reading a book and she sees a Sight Word she knows from that week! If you’re looking for some engaging activities for your own kiddos, stay tuned for some of our favorite Sight Word activities!

For LG’s Kindergarten year, my goal is to introduce Fry’s First 100 Sight Words. I certainly don’t expect mastery of all these Sight Words this year! We’ll continue with this same sequence in 1st grade as well. But over the last few years of homeschool Preschool, we learned that LG does very well with exposure to a skill for a year or so (even if it’s early). Then she quickly masters that skill when she’s ready – with minimal stress and fight!

Each month, we’re practicing 10 Sight Words (starting at the beginning of the Fry’s First 100 list). We practice 4 words the first week of the month, 3 words the second week of the month, and 3 words the third week of the month. During the fourth week of the month, we review all 10 words! (Again – mastery is NOT expected at the end of each month. But certainly not discouraged!)

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Sight Word Play Dough Cards

On Mondays, we PlayDoh! This has been my favorite way to introduce our new Sight Words for the week. We’re still able to include fine motor skills practice while introducing such a “big kid” skill. This helps ease her into the new words for the week!

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Sight Words Spelling with Magnets

On Tuesdays, we head to the dry erase board and use our FREE Sight Word flashcards as our guide to spell the week’s words with magnets. I don’t know about your kiddos, but mine thinks that anything is more fun when magnets are involved!

I like to use a little bit of magnet tape on the back of our flashcards to post them on the magnetic board while we practice. The tape helps keep them in LG’s view, but is still thin enough for us to use the cards as flashcards later! CLICK HERE to find the magnetic tape in my Amazon storefront with affiliate links.

sight word activities tray
Sight Word Spelling with Beads and Stamps

On Wednesdays, we practice the week’s Sight Words using our Sight Words tray. We may review with PlayDoh again. But we usually like to spend this time spelling the words with stamps and alphabet beads on pipe cleaners. This is another way to practice new words while still including lots of great fine motor skills practice!

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Sight Words Practice Pages

After 3 days of molding and building our Sight Words in various ways, Thursday is when we practice tracing, writing and finding our Sight Words. We love using these practice pages from my friend Michelle at Smitten with First! She created the most amazing set of worksheets for Sight Words practice, and we decided to place them in a binder using sheet protectors so we can reuse them as often as needed.

Sight Words SMASH! Game

During the fourth week of the month, WE PLAY! During this week, we review all 10 Sight Words we learned during the first 3 weeks of the month using our Sight Words SMASH! game. The game can be played in 3 different ways, according to your kiddos’ level. Simply choose a card and 1) smash the correct word on the mat with PlayDoh, 2) color the correct word on the coloring worksheet, or 3) trace the word on the tracing worksheet. Need some extra practice? Play all 3 ways!

I hope this post gives you some ideas to add to your Sight Word activities with your own kiddos! We have truly had so much fun with these activities, and hope they’re super helpful during your own practice time!

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