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3 Free Pumpkin Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall, and we are so ready to get out all of our pumpkin fun! If you’re looking for some fun Math and Literacy activities, you won’t want to miss these 3 free pumpkin activities for Preschool and Kindergarten kiddos!

free pumpkin activities

Subitizing Roll and Cover

Pumpkin Subitizing Roll and Cover Center

Your little learners will love this subitizing game! To play, students roll the included foldable dice and identify the number they rolled. Then, they find and cover a number representation that matches on the game mat. Keep rolling until all of the pumpkins are covered!

shapes color by the code worksheet

Pumpkin Shapes Color by the Code Worksheet

If you have littles who love to color, you’ll definitely need to grab this color by the code worksheet! To complete, students color the shapes on the worksheet by the code to reveal a fun pumpkin image!

Pumpkin Alphabet Roll and Cover

Pumpkin Upper/Lowercase Roll & Cover Center

Can you tell we love Roll & Cover games?? The reason why is right in the name – they feel like games! So of course we had to include another Roll & Cover game to practice matching upper and lowercase letters! To play, students roll the dice. Then, identify the uppercase letter they rolled and cover the corresponding lowercase letter on the game board!

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free pumpkin activities

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