Money Savers Part 7: Paid Hobbies


This “Money Saver” has probably been my favorite so far. I am all about the idea of taking something you enjoy doing and using it as a way to make extra income. There are so many ways to do this. It just takes having a “whatever, just try it” moment and going for it!


When I was still in the classroom, my go-to spot for adorable and useful resources was TeachersPayTeachers. Not only were the products super cute and fun for my kiddos, they were also created by fellow teachers who knew firsthand what worked for students! Even if I spent a fortune, I knew my money was going to other hard-working, broke teachers. So I didn’t mind too much. Ha! I remember thinking how awesome it would be to make and sell products, but thought were was no possible way that I could be computer savvy enough! And while working, I just couldn’t find the time to give it try.

About 5 months after Baby Girl was born, I felt like I had {kind of} found a decent routine. When she went down for her naps, I started looking at clip art on TPT and messing around with PowerPoint. This quickly became such a fun addiction for me!! After years of preparing for the education world and several years of teaching, I felt like I could still be connected while being away from the classroom. It took a little while to see results, but by November I was beginning to see steady growth in profit. This made it even more addicting! It has made for such a fun naptime hobby.

What Do You Enjoy?

So not all of you reading this are teachers. And not all of my teacher friends are so super interested in spending even more time working on classroom related projects. No big deal! What DO you enjoy? If you enjoy checking out new clothes, there are brands to sell from home. If you love using oils for yourself and family, there are amazing organizations to get involved in! Love painting or making paper crafts? Etsy is your place! The key is finding something you look forward to doing, but don’t have to commit a major chunk of your time in case you need to focus on more important thing. So grab some coffee and have a good time!

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